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The Adventures of Kiara Yew

Write a Guest Post for Us!

The Adventures of Kiara Yew

A little bit about Kiara Yew

We are a team of young writers passionate about traveling, and we have long been sharing our experiences and stories among ourselves. Some of us have traveled to other continents, tasted the wonderful local cuisine, and bathed into oceans and seas. However, each of us realized our birthplace country, Romania, has been less explored than other countries on the old continent. Nonetheless, we came up with the idea to increase awareness about Romania as a top traveling destination in Europe. So here we are, expanding our collection of essays and stories about Romania.


Why Write for Us?

Our mission is to share with the world Romania’s beauty and inspire our readers to travel here and discover it. We included journey tips for those who wish to travel with families and off the beaten path spots for adventurous explorers. A blend of local legends and historical facts coupled with city-break suggestions, leisure activities is there to fill our readers’ imagination and set off their curiosity to travel to Romania.

We have significant exposure in this domain through our website, subscribers’ list, and social media presence. If you think you have stories to tell from your visit to Romania, or just from your adventures abroad, we are offering you the opportunity to write on our site. You can publish your travel stories here for free and take advantage of our platform to present your work and ideas to a community who is already interested in the subject.

You can include in your posts as many relevant links as you want!


Guidelines for your Guest Post Submission in 9 Steps


Step 1. Original content

Here, at The Adventures of Kiara Yew, we are looking to share original content that hasn’t been published on other websites. So, if you are comfortable with The Adventures of Kiara Yew being your sole publisher, we are more than happy to deliver your inspiring and empowering story to our readers.

Note: The Adventures of Kiara Yew is reserving the right to unpublish your article at any time when we discover that it contains duplicated content on the Internet.


Step 2. Word count

The preferred length of a post is between 500 and 1000 words, in a Word/Editable Pdf document, and if you need to include  links, please feel free to do this.

You can introduce as many relevant links as you want!


Step 3. Use your own unique voice

A beautiful and inspiring post will sound like a real person wrote it, and it needs to have a distinctive voice, meaning that the message you are sending out should be written in the same manner you would speak to a good friend of yours.

Choose a topic that resonates with the targeted audience of The Adventures of Kiara Yew to help you in your creation process. It can be one of these: travel destinations you personally discovered in Romania, local traditions and legends from Romania, adventures and little-known places, tourist activities for families with kids, romantic destinations, wildlife watching, unique architecture and anything else travel-wise about Romania that crosses your mind.

We also encourage broader travel topics, not necessarily set in Romania, such as inspiring travel experiences, tips for travelers, travel photography ideas, budget travel ideas, cheap travel tips, affordable travel destinations, how to find cheap flights, solo female travel experiences, and advice, advice for traveling with children.

Example of titles for your pieces:

  • Top 10 Things to Do in Maramureș
  • Low-Cost Travel in Romania
  • 10 Romantic Travel Destinations in Romania
  • My Travel Guide As A Solo Traveler
  • How to Keep A Toddler Busy in The Car


Step 4. Your edits before sending

Keep in mind that before submitting a blog post, you need to make sure that the text is grammatically correct and typo-free. By doing so, you will also increase your article’s chance of standing out.

Our own editing

We will also help with text revision at the end, before publishing the article. When that happens, we’ll make sure to inform you about it so you can read the piece in its final form. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in your article and the third-party materials it may contain. You may have to ask for permission to use copyrighted material.


Step 5. Photo

Please also send us a photo that you want to appear at the beginning of the article. We prefer an original photo, either a drawing that was done by you or an image that you captured and own the rights for. If you think you don’t have a beautiful picture to send us, choose one from the Internet, just make sure to specify the source of the photograph (by naming the person who took the picture and inserting a link to the website where you found it).


Step 6. Include your short bio

Please remember to include a short biography (approximately 3-4 sentences long). It is also recommended to add in your bio links to your website, personal blog, social media platforms, etc. This way, our readers will know who is the person behind the article and have a way of getting in contact with you if needed.


Step 7. Send one Focus Keyword

For SEO purposes, so that your article can be found easier in Google search results, please provide us with one focus keyword. This focus keyword should be the word that you want to rank most in Google searches. When you send us your article through email, include the focus keyword as well.


Step 8. Spread the word

Once your article has been published, we encourage you to share and promote it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, or others social media platforms you might have access to. We also know that our readers want to hear from the authors themselves, so whenever you have the chance, feel free to respond to the comments of your post.


Step 9. GDPR Compliance

Contacting and sending us an article for publishing your writing on our website means that you fully agree with our Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance.


How to submit your article for publication?


Contact us using the below contact form and inform us that you want to write an article. Once we have your email address, we will shortly after, send you an email giving you small details about how we can go further with the publication. Then, you will reply to our email sending us your article. After receiving your material, we will publish it the next days, and respond to you by sending you the link to where your article was published.

We look forward to reading and sharing your words with the rest of the world!

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