The Danube Delta is a magical place in Europe. For those who have never been in on a river’s delta, expectations could be deceiving. However, everybody wonders when is the best time to visit Danube Delta. The Adventures of Kiara Yew have passed through this magic territory many times.  So now we know which months of the year are best for Danube Delta wildlife watching, fishing, local celebrations and avoiding mosquitos.

best time to visit Danube Delta water lilies
Danube Delta frog on water lilies | Photo by Alina Iancu via Flickr

The Best Time to Avoid Mosquitos

Mosquitos are the only annoying and sometimes dangerous insects of all the creatures in the Danube Delta. Although biologists and zoologists are fearless in their endeavors. This is not the same for tourists or adventurous travelers. When choosing to travel to the most northern subtropical region, people usually assume summer is the best time to visit the Danube Delta. Unfortunately, that is when mosquitos are the most aggressive. However, we recommend late April and the month of May. In case you wish to be able to stay outdoors in the evening and also not be cold.

Avoiding mosquitos in Danube Delta during summer is a little tricky. Follow the locals and stay indoors. Or you can use skin repellant and wear loose, long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Early autumn that is September and mid-October is also an excellent time to visit the Danube Delta. In this way you also avoid mosquitos.

The Best Time to Visit Danube Delta and See Water Lilies

June is the month of the year when water lilies start blooming on lakes in the Danube Delta. Because they need a lot of sunlight to fully blossom, water lilies are never found near a channel shore. Not only that they are a perfect hideaway for fish, but they are also a refuge for frogs and insects. The most famous exemplars of water lilies are the yellow ones. In contrast with the white ones, the yellow water lilies have a fascinating smell.

best time to visit Danube Delta children
The children of Danube Delta | Photo by Alex Tomazatos

Besides water lilies, numerous subtropical plants populate the Danube Delta. Learning about Romanian wildlife in a biosphere reservation is one of the many things that kids can do on Danube Delta holidays.

We encourage every one of you who feels adventurous to try the Danube Delta tours and admire its gems.

Many Romanian families chose to have Danube Delta holidays during summer vacations. So, if you travel with your kids to these marvelous aquatic lands, they can make friends with Romanian children too. They will have lots of fun together for sure.  We recommend looking for a more extensive account of kid-friendly entertainment possibilities in the Danube Delta Romania. It can be useful to do a search by its Romanian name: Delta Dunării.

best time to visit danube delta

For those who are more adventurous, kayaking or canoeing in the Danube Delta is best enjoyed during the summer season. There are also many Danube Delta cruise offers to try. Do you like to go camping? This will not be a problem in this corner of Romania. In case you are camping in the Danube Delta, you must know that there are also plenty of camping sites that rent boats or better yet bring your own. We encourage you to try one of it.

The Best Time to Visit Danube Delta for Fishing

In case you are not an amateur angler, but you still take great interest in this ancient practice, the best thing to do is ask local fishers to take you on an early morning expedition. Pikes and Scomber fish have intermittent prohibition periods starting with March until June this year. But you can find official general information about fishing and prohibition here. Either way, before accessing the Danube Delta one has to pay for a permit. Here‘s a private fishing program, we found interesting because they offer to arrange for the payment of your Danube Delta fishing permits. Its base camp is in Milla 23 village.

best time to visit Danube Delta
Danube Delta Sfiștofca village fishing boat | Photo by Alex Tomazatos

It should be easy to find accommodation in Danube Delta Romania, once you visit the official website of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation Administration. Rural tourism and floating hotel are listed, as well as boat routes and hiking trails. While planning your trip you should also get more information about how to get to the Danube Delta. We wish you good luck in finding the best time to visit Danube Delta.

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