Scarisoara cave is a must see in Romania. It is located in the Apuseni Mountains and is the largest ice cave in the country. The cavern’s entrance has a diameter of 60 meters. From there, the visitors can descend on a long staircase to reach the real ice. Scarisoara cave has a depth of around 105 meters and a length of over 700 meters. There’s a lot of natural beauty to this underground cave, and the visitors can admire the long stalagmites and stalactites.

One of the Best Ice Caves in Europe

It is definitely an intricate part of the Apuseni wild. The view inside is absolutely breathtaking: the icy snow, the slippery ground, the shaped limestone, and dripstones give this place a unique character. The annual average temperature inside the cave is  – 2 °C, and it doesn’t exceed 5 °C in the summer. So, if you’re looking to enjoy some snow in the summer, again—this is the place!


Scarisoara cave

Photo by Sergiu Bacioiu (cc) via Flickr


Scarisoara cave has been classified as a natural monument and speleological reservation. If you take your trip to the Apuseni Mountains, it is located in Gârda de Sus village, Alba County. Once in this village, all you need to do is take a 3-hour hiking trail that will bring you to the cave.

A Drive to Scarisoara Cave in Transylvania

Three full hours surrounded by the most beautiful landscape you can imagine through the Arieș Valley. You could drive an off-road vehicle all the way to Scărișoara cave, but it would be a pity to miss all the excitement and adventure. It is not just one of the most spectacular caves in Romania, but nature’s wonder that never thaws! Scarisoara cave encloses 60.000 m3 of ice in just the perfect surrounding.

Ultimately, tourists would be happy to know that this nature’s marvel is enabled by excellent accommodation facilities in the area, spectacular traditional gastronomy and famously friendly locals (most of them speaking French and English).

Another Transylvanian cave is the spiral cave next to the Șinca Veche Monastery also known as a rupestral monastery. The Adventures of Kiara Yew have rarely passed through caves, although Romania is full of them, thanks to the Carpathian Mountains’ tectonic structure. However, we revisited the famous Movile Cave in Dobruja, and we invite you to read about it.


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