If you wonder what kids can do in Danube Delta, then you will discover there are plenty of fantastic activities for children of all ages. Here are just a few of them. But, before you get to explore the aquatic wild paradise, you need to know how to get to the Danube Delta, right?

Danube Delta poster

Danube Delta recent vintage poster by Atelier Trebo

Visiting Attractions or What Kids Can Do in Danube Delta

One of the ancient cities of Romania is Tulcea. It is usually the starting point for the Danube Delta Romania holidays. Tulcea is an old city once conquered by the Romans and the Ottomans. Therefore, a visit with your kids at the history or the ethnography museums in Tulcea might be an opportunity for them to learn about the humans of the Danube Delta.

Also, if your kids have never been to an Aquarium before, a trip to the Eco-touristic Museum Center would impress them for sure.

 Tulcea quay

Tulcea quay on the banks of Sfantul Gheorghe branch

A couple of summer film festivals in the Danube Delta have already made history. Both of them are family friendly. One of them is based inland in Tulcea city. It has open-air screenings on the shore of Lake Ciuperca. The other one is based in Sfântul Gheorghe village in a camping site with 4-star cabins.

The former, called Pelicam, opens its eighth edition on June 21st a and closes it on June 24th this year.

The later, called Anonimul (The Anonymous) starts projections from August 6th until August 12th, 2018. This international film festival provides an opportunity to bring your kids to a special beach. It is situated at the point where the Danube River starts spilling into the Black Sea in Sfântul Gheorghe. This fantastic beach is a must in Danube Delta. One can also try to look after some Danube Delta cruise options to better see this place.

Green Village in Sfântul Gheorghe

Green Village photo by Calin h via Flickr Danube Delta

The Village Life with Kids in Danube Delta Romania

Located between the Sulina and Chilia Danube branches, Letea is a fairytale village. Letea is surrounded by subtropical forest. Its population is of Ukrainian origin. But the other two neighboring villages, C.A. Rosetti and Sfiștofca, have Romanians and Russian Lipovans as inhabitants. If you decide to embark on a trip to this location, you and your children will never forget the magical experience.

However, there are a few precautions to take. Here is a list with them: first aid kit, mosquito repellant, local Orange sim cards for unlocked phones. There are periods of the year with many mosquitos and this can be dangerous for the kids. That is why it is good to know when is the best time to visit Danube Delta. You must also know that special precaution must be taken in the case you are camping in the Danube Delta.

In case you need to communicate by phone, there is only one network in the area. In the village, you will not find Internet access. This is fortunate for those who wish to disconnect from daily urban life. Luckily you will be able to easily find Romanian guides through the Danube Delta villages online or in Tulcea.

 Danube Delta Mila 23 house

Mila 23 typical Danube Delta house

What kids can do in Danube Delta is easy to find out. You can let them interact with domesticated animals, observe the village life and run around on sand-filled streets. Certainly, Romanian families often try Danube Delta holidays, and they have been writing great stories about their encounters. This is because Danube Delta offers fun activities for a family.

Fish, Fishing and Fish Soup

Fishing enthusiasts will be able to try their skills within the permitted areas. Acquiring a Danube Delta entrance pass is required for everyone. Fish foodies will enjoy watching all sorts of preparation methods popular with the local cuisine. Cooking fish borscht and organizing fish soup contests is one of the local fishermen’s favorite activities. I must say that fish is a healthy food for kids. Witnessing the process of transforming nature into nurture can benefit them even more.

Traditional Danube Delta cooked fish with polenta

Traditional Danube Delta cooked fish with polenta

Little Known Attractions for Kids in Danube Delta

One other attraction is a  local holiday celebrated on May 6th in Sfântul Gheorghe village. The other one is The Little Ethnographer Prize Gala. The first is a celebration of Saint George in which the locals compete in horse and boat races and sailing games. And the later is a folk singing and dancing contest for children, held every year in May or June. Usually, this gala is held at The Ethnography and Popular Art Museum in Tulcea. Above all, it is an opportunity for children of different ethnic backgrounds from Dobrogea (Romanian for Dobruja) to show off their traditional folk dances. Your children could enjoy meeting Romanian children.

In the Danube Delta, Romanian wildlife is protected and conserved with care. That is why one of the most attractive activity is Danube Delta wildlife watching.  Here you can find a list with Danube Delta tours with a variety of activities. What kids can do in Danube Delta is to approach only the domesticated animals, like horses and poneys and sheep, but to stay away from the dangerous ones. Undoubtedly all these are fun activities that kids can do.  We hope you enjoy them shortly.

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