Here we are, going to the lands of Blajinii for the first time. The Romanian folklore is including many stories about creatures that lived on Earth or within the Earth. In Bucovina, the northern part of Moldavia, people believe in some creatures called Blajinii, Rohmani or “Kind Hearted Ones.” The old people in Romania are saying that the Blajini are creatures who take care of our dead people, they live isolated near the Apa Sâmbetei. Mean people mentioned they are small and they look like rats.

Traveling to thLands of Blajiniie Lands of Blajinii

Here is the story told by a woman that used to see them when she was a kid.

“I used to see them when I was a child, and I walked in forests. They used to call me and then they disappeared for a while. Now I go from time to time to them.

They fascinate me in the way they enjoy life and the beauty of their lands.

How to get there? There are places on our lands where is very easy to go to Blajinii, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t make this trip from any other site.

 I’m in the middle of the meadow where is such easy access to their lands.

 My guide Greg shows me a place and says” Here you should lay on grass…Let them take you with them. Hmmm, do you see that tree?”

I look around and notice an old oak a little far away but on the same meadow. It had an unusual shape, looking like a part of it was burned, but not from lightning as it has a regular form.

“This is not a usual shape at all!” I said to Greg.

“Yes indeed! This meadow is used not only by humans but by other species as well. It is a great place for traveling! They sometimes touch the trees when visiting…”

Lands of Blajinii

Apa Sambetei

    So, I just lay down on earth, surrounded by grass, flowers, and trees. I look up to the sky, and the birds are flying above. My body feels like it is submerging deeper and deeper until I think it is sinking into the earth little by little…

Describing Blajinii Creatures

Suddenly, a young spirit took my hand. I feel a little disoriented as of the new state.

This creature is the same size as a monkey, looking as we do, but thinner, with a face of a mouse and with ears more prominent than ours. It has brown hair and big brown eyes, wearing a simple green dress. It is obvious we are talking about a female exemplary.  The amazing part is that it is not touching the earth at all, she is vibrating near me, in a butterfly movement. It must have some wings that are not so visible as they are moving very quickly.

She took my hand, and we fly together through the tunnels. There are many tunnels, but it seems that she knows very well the direction where we are going.Blajinii

The Lands of Blajinii

We fly until we reach their village, surrounded by many streams of water, actually coming from everywhere: small streams, beautiful shaped, big rivers, they are all gathering here from all over the surface of the Earth. I remember that my grandma told me that this place is called “the Waters of Saturday.”

Their houses are small, covered with small pieces of wood, with tiny windows and doors. I had no chance to fit into their homes. They were all happy to see me, and I was amazed to discover their world. There were hanging plants and a kind of ivy that grew on the surrounded rocks and houses.

Here I meet many beings looking like my little guide. They are all happy to welcome me here.

Blajinii wants to play and enjoy life more than we do.

I ask the little spirit if she wants to tell me something and she says:

“Let’s dance!”

So we started to dance. It is a regular thing here to dance.

 She continues:

“You know… we are brothers and sisters from old times but have been separated some time ago, and we live here on this part of the Earth. And you guys live there on the surface of the Earth. Some people come and visit us from time to time, and this makes us very happy. They are mostly children. “

Lands of Blajinii

The Lands of Blajinii

We continued our dance.

The End of the Journey

I was feeling very tall and big compared to her. It was time to go home on the meadow I left.

I just felt the need to ask my little guide one more thing: “Show me the way to come here again!”Blajinii

She puts her hands up, and she starts to swirl quicker and quicker until the speed was very high. I follow her and here we are traveling again through tunnels between their world and our world.

And so, I arrived back on the meadow I left.

“See you next time, sister! ” And this is the end of the journey.

Old people still tell us stories about these small and happy creatures that live near “The Waters of Saturday.” They don’t know exactly how old these stories are or if they are real or not, but one thing is for sure: the people going there are telling the same stories about the lands of Blajinii, again and again.

So let’s enjoy the beauty of our planet!

Want to visit the region where this story comes from in Romania? Bucovina and Moldavia, are two historical regions in Romania that deserve an epic holiday, by yourself or with your family. Heres a sneak peek into one of Bucovina’s century-old attractions: the painted monasteries.


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