Anytime is the best time to visit Transylvania. Some of the most intriguing Transylvanian attractions are to be found inside its old medieval citadels. The most beautiful cities in Transylvania are Oradea, Bistrița, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Sibiu, Sighișoara and Brașov. In what follows we will present the most famous cities in Transylvania and a driving tour. We also recommend taking a train route to enjoy the country’s undisturbed sceneries from a moving cart. It will be entirely different from a Transylvanian wolf tour or a visit to Dracula’s castle; it’s a city break journey.

The Closest Airport to Transylvania

The closest airport to Transylvania is the Henry Coandă airport in Bucharest. But why waste time on another trip, rather than just land on Cluj Napoca’s International Airport, the second most busy airport in Romania. Of course, there are other transited international airports in Transylvania like the ones in Timișoara, Sibiu, and Oradea. In case you find flights to any of them, and decide to board, you will be closer to Transylvania than ever.

After a flight to Cluj, you probably might want to enjoy the city for a few days. Then, your Transylvanian tour continues with Oradea only to arrive in Brașov for a final medieval city exploration. We think it is the best way to cover all the most famous Transylvanian cities. However, it is easier to plan for a family holiday in Transylvania, if you take into account a car rental service. Here‘s one of the many online places where you can rent cars in Romania.


Transylvanian cities tour

Map of Transylvanian cities tour

Transylvanian Cities – To the West

Cluj-Napoca is an essential Transylvanian city. If you fall in love with Cluj-Napoca, you will never want to leave it. As a matter of fact, Cluj is a cultural landmark in Transylvania, known for the largest University in the country and a stunning botanical garden. Not to mention that in 2015 Cluj was the European Youth Capital.


Transylvanian cities Cluj

Cluj Napoca


An important cosmopolitan city in medieval Transylvania, Oradea is still a fascinating town. It is a crossing point on the western border with Hungary, where you could visit Budapest from. But by the time you will get there, Oradea will have bewitched you anyway. Baroque and Art-Nouveau buildings animate the town’s center. You could visit the unique Moon Church that has an astronomical clock depicting moon phases. Located just outside the city is a thermal spa resort, called Băile Felix, where both kids and adults can have lots of fun.

Timișoara is one of the most spectacular cities in Romania. It was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the architectural heritage is there to prove it. Aside from all the other cities in Romania, its climate is oceanic-continental, which makes it hotter in the summer. Need not worry, the Bega river and the multitude of parks and terraces will cool it off for you.


Transylvanian cities Timișoara


Transylvanian Cities – The Heart of Transylvania

Enchanting, Sibiu usually temps you with jazz concerts, a famous international documentary film festival, a theater festival and many more. They say it’s one of the most romantic Transylvanian medieval cities. Sibiu’s main attractions are the outdoor Astra village museum, the Brukenthal Museum with its contemporary addition and The Tower of the Council.


get to Transylvania

Lutheran Church in Sibiu Romania


World-renowned Sighișoara is also pinned on our map. You might want to visit the most well preserved medieval craftsmen town in Romania. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. Sighișoara also became famous for being the exile town of the Wallachian ruler, Vlad Dracul, father of Vlad the Impaler. The best city for a real Transylvanian vacation, right?

Brașov, our destination point is also the starting point of many Transylvanian adventures. If you arrive by train from Bucharest, you will be there in about two hours and a half. Plus, there are a lot of fun things to do in Brașov for a traveling family and taking the cable car on the Tâmpa Hill is one of them.

There are many possibilities for exploring Transylvania’s map while visiting its most famous cities. We hope you will try out our tour suggestion.

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