Going on a summer trip to Romania with your kids can prove to be both challenging and exciting. Have you ever wondered how many children attractions are there on a summer vacation in Romania? Fortunately, we have a list of 10 most exciting destinations. This will ease your vacation preparations in this historical region. Transylvania with kids in summer surely is an unforgettable experience for the entire family. First, ask your children if they know what is Transylvania famous for? If they answer Hotel Transylvania, don’t worry! Just start by telling them some stories about Romanian mythical monsters, werewolf legends, Transylvania vampires and so on.

We kindly asked some Romanian children to name a few of their favorite settings in Transylvania Romania. Here come their recommendations.

Top 10 Destinations in Transylvania with Kids in Summer

You will always have Brasov city (Kronstadt in German) as a camping base for most of your Transylvanian explorations. Also, some of the attractions listed below require considering the sunny weather. So do not forget that kids need to spend time in the great outdoors, enjoying the sun and engaging in fun activities. From Brașov, you will be able to reach most of our picks for a magical time in Transylvania with kids in summer. Find here more details about how to get to Transylvania.

Aquatic Paradise in Brașov

Paradisul Acvatic or the Aquatic Paradise is the perfect summer vacation spot for relaxation and lots of joyful splashes. With indoor and outdoor children pools, slides and playgrounds the Aquatic Paradise is the ideal environment for a child’s summer vacation. Not to mention, this place is on the outskirts of Brașov, so very close to any accommodation.

Transylvania with kids in summer aquatic paradise

Aquatic Paradise in Brașov

Adventure Park in Brașov

Another nearby highly recommended spot for kids is the Adventure Park. Situated in the southern part of Brașov, on the way to Săcele, Parc Aventura is a leisure settlement in the forest. Nonetheless, it is a safe place where kids can climb and slide on ropes with the assurance that they are supervised. Adults can join in this adventure and try one of the wooden footbridge tracks.

Transylvania with kids in summer adventure park

Adventure Park in Brașov

Dinosaur Park in Râșnov

Probably one of the most beloved and strange Transylvanian attraction is the Dino Parc in Râșnov. This park has a magnetizing look for kids. It is decorated with 50 real-sized dinosaurs. Dino-Parc is an open museum full of thrills. Furthermore, a 9D cinema, a unique archeology exhibition, a laser maze, and adventure route are some of the facilities Romanian children are happy to explore.

Transylvania with kids in summer Dino Parc

Dino Parc Râșnov

Transylvania with Kids in Summer and Dracula

Very much familiar with Transylvania Dracula character? Tourists from all over the world come to climb the mountains and visit the legendary Transylvania Dracula Castle. Kiara has passed through the famous Bran Castle and a great story with Dracula night experience appeared. Popular culture is filled with different representations of this imaginary character. Why not offer your kids a chance to learn about the true story of the castle?

Transylvania with kids in summer Bran Castle

Bran Castle by Karl Vesterberg 2015

The Peleș Castle in Sinaia

Transylvania with kids in summer does not always mean you will get only sunny weather. Rainy days in the mountains are often expected even during summer. So, a visit to a castle-museum is definitely on a little princess’ or prince’s list. Peleș Castle is not like any Transylvanian castles. It has an armor hall and a Turkish saloon. Kings and queens have slept in its rooms. Moreover, it was the first castle in Romania to have electricity and central heating in 1914. To arrive at Peleș, you must first take the train from Brașov to Sinaia. Then, you can quickly order a cab or an Uber to bring you closer to the Castle.

Transylvania with kids in summer Peleș Castle

Peleș Castle Photo by Nate Robert via Flickr

Bear Watching and Romanian Wildlife

Bear watching Romania activities doesn’t mean running into a circus animal. The Carpathian brown bear is no caricature. Although we think it is fun and adventurous to watch bears in their habitat, children have to prepare for such an activity and follow adults. Bears in Brașov and Harghita have been famous for their interaction with the humans in the area. For shepherds and bears, it has been a matter of coexistence for hundreds of years. Before planning this trip, check when to see bears in Romania. For more adventure, we recommend the wolf watching Romania experience.

Transylvania with kids in summer Bear Sanctuary

Bear Sanctuary in Zărnești, Romania.

Transylvania with Kids in Summer and Horses

Among the fun things to do in Romania is exploring new landscapes on the back of a horse. So, a trip to Romania with kids can be an opportunity to learn about this awesome animal. Kids found this superb place only 50km West of Brașov, where together with their parents can go on horse riding trips. Meanwhile, cart rides and hiking trips, bear watching and pony riding, are some of the other exciting attractions in Șinca Nouă, Transylvania.

Transylvania with kids in summer

Șinca Nouă Horse Riding Lessons 

Transylvania with Kids in Summer and Village Crafts

On the road to Sighișoara from Brașov, it is a loss not to stop by Viscri. This is a magical well-preserved Saxon village. Here children truly enjoy Viscri crafts workshops. Not surprisingly, it is Prince Charles’s favorite place in Romania. He has been visiting on numerous occasions. Moreover, Viscri’s fortified church and fortress are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage. So the more reasons to visit with your kids and try old and new crafts, photography and even Saxon cooking lessons.

Viscri village in Transylvania

Viscri village in Transylvania. View from the fortified church

Taking the Cable Car on Tâmpa in Brașov

For a family hike made easy, the cable car at the Tâmpa mountain feet is quite the entertainment. Indeed, to hike the 930m hill can also prove to be a refreshing vacation exercise for you and your children. However, Brașov’s famous Hollywoodian sign awaits your arrival either on foot or by cable car.

Tâmpa mountain view

Tâmpa mountain view from behind the Brașov sign. Photo via Keep up with the Carpathians

Visiting the Medieval Town of Sighișoara

Last but not least in our top 10 is the beautiful medieval fortress of Sighișoara, the place of exile for Vlad Dracul the father of Vlad the Impaler. Mid-Summer is especially welcomed in Sighișoara with a famous Medieval Festival. Also, this year the festival is held from Friday, July 27th until Sunday, July 29th and it celebrates the walled old town’s history. Here are some other Medieval festivals in Transylvania for the enthusiasts who wish to travel in time.


A painting of medieval Sighișoara

Finally, the Romanian children’s recommendations could not have come more suited for summer preparations. Altogether, we wish you sunny days for camping in case you want to be closer to the Romanian wildlife. Transylvania with kids in summer will be great and funny!

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