Transylvania Romania is much more than just Dracula’s birthplace. Impressive landscapes, medieval castles and wild animals – you name it, Transylvania has it! Let’s go deeper into what this area offers, but be aware…you might want to leave tomorrow!

What to do in Transylvania Romania

Sleeping on the beach sipping cocktails and avoiding any contact with the local culture? So, if that sounds like the perfect holiday for you, maybe Transylvania Romania is not a great idea. BUT if you dream about the opposite, being active and discovering a different lifestyle, then you don’t need to search further. Family holiday, a romantic getaway or just time to discover a new country:  whatever your travel style is, let’s see what you can do in Transylvania.

Timisoara in Transylvania Romania
View from Timisoara via Bravofly

First things first: make a plan about how to get to Transylvania. For instance, you can choose to fly to Bucharest and start from there. Anyway, if capital cities are not your thing, then flying to one of the other Transylvanian cities  is an option. Timisoara, Sibiu or Cluj-Napoca are good starting points and worth visiting as well.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to add Brasov and surroundings to your bucket list! No trip to Transylvania Romania is complete without exploring the famous Transylvania Castle. If you are brave enough, here you can do more than just read about Transylvania vampires.  Shivers, mythical creatures and spooky stories: they are all real on Dracula Night. Therefore, be part of the action and see the darkness of Transylvania Dracula Castle!

Peles Castle in Transylvania Romania
The Royal Castle via Google Images

But don’t stop just yet! Further, there are more Transylvanian castles worth visiting. The Royal Castle, Corvin Castle and Sighișoara Citadel are just some of them.

Cold season in Transylvania – yay or nah?

Wildlife-spotting, hiking, driving or skiing? Certainly you can do all of them here if you plan your trip accordingly. However, best time to visit Transylvania is subject to your passions. Here every season has its own magic.

Ice hotel from Transylvania Romania
Bâlea Lac ice hotel via Google Images

As winter gets closer, Transylvania Romania has a few hidden gems waiting to be discovered. The best thing about it? Some of them only exist in the cold season, so don’t miss it! Take a moment to visit the Transylvanian ice hotel. Nevertheless, with the right mindset and outfit, you can spend the night in this “snow castle”.  Just pack your thickest jacket! In addition, there are several opportunities for winter sports enthusiasts. Skiing, snowboarding and hiking are just some of them.

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Let’s talk about animals that live in Romania then. Having large forested enclosures makes Romania a paradise for many species, including large carnivores.  Wolf watching in Romania is a must-do in late autumn and winter, as they can be easily tracked. Don’t forget to bring your photo camera!

Romanian brown bear
Romanian brown bear via Lonely Planet

Bears are also around during the year. Even more, they can also be observed in spring and autumn as well. Regardless, we recommend going bear watching in Romania during warmer seasons. According to your preferences, you can spot the brown bear in his habitat. Additionally, if you’re not so keen on hiking and hiding in the Carpathian forests but still want to admire this majestic animal, make your way to Liberty Bear Sanctuary. And while you are in this area, spend a day visiting Măgura village. You will be amazed by the stunning views and outstanding hospitality!

Spring and summer – perfect for heat lovers

As soon as the snow melts, you will experience a different landscape in Transylvania Romania. Some of the most spectacular road trips in Romania became accessible. And trust us, they will leave you speechless! Driving on Transfăgărășan, Transalpina or Trans-Semenic is a lifetime experience. However, this can be done only in late spring, summer or early autumn, when they are not hidden under winter’s white jacket. And it’s worth it!

Transfăgărășan road in Transylvania Romania
Transfăgărășan view via TripAdvisor

Family holidays can also be more entertaining under the shining sun. If you decide to visit Transylvania with kids in summer, there are several activities and opportunities to spend time having fun with the youngest ones! In addition, is a great learning opportunity for them to discover the history behind the myth of Transylvania Dracula. After that, they might want to come back for Halloween!

Romanian dinosaur park
Dino Parc Râșnov via Google Images

Feeling brave already? The bag it’s packed and the kids are waiting by the door? This might be a sign that you need to go. Book your holiday, discover the real Transylvania and live the  Romanian life for a couple of days. As travel is the best therapist, worse than can happen is to fall in love with this region. And to come back often. There are always new places to discover, activities to try and amazing landscapes to enjoy.

Ps. Romanian food it’s a must-try for every gourmand. And if you’re not into it, you might end up being one!

Ps. Ps. When in doubt, go! Do you need more reasons? Check out our article and see what is Transylvania famous for. This is to say, happy packing! See you in Transylvania Romania!

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