Transylvania is calling your name. Are you ready to go? If so, complete your holiday and stop by the most popular castle in Eastern Europe, Transylvania Dracula Castle.

Transylvania Dracula Castle spring view
A view of Transylvania Dracula Castle via Pinterest

The castle awaits to be discovered. It is a magnificent and controversial symbol of the Romanian history and Bram Stoker’s imagination.  It is only a few kilometers away from Brasov, the second most visited city in Romania. Therefore, Bran Castle deserves a special place on your travel bucket list.

Dracula`s Castle – Between Myth and Reality

There are several vampires and werewolf legends in Romanian mythology. Certainly, Dracula`s story is by far the most popular of them all. The Transylvania castle was built by The Teutonic Knights in the 12th century. However, it became well known around the globe after Bram Stoker`s novel was published. But, the author never set his foot in Transylvania Romania.

Surprising or not, Dracula’s legend is inspired by the story of Vlad the Impaler. He ruled the county of Wallachia in the 16th century. He was a bloodthirsty, cruel and fearless leader. Vlad’s way of revenge amazed the people and kept away his enemies. He used to impale on spike thieves, heretics and entire town populations. That’s how he secured his throne and power.

 Dracula  legend
Vlad the Impaler painting via DeviantArt

Unlike other Romanian mythical monsters, Dracula was inspired by a real historical figure. This made him the most feared and beloved vampire of all times. But don`t you worry, no dangers are waiting for you in his castle. Unless you choose to experience a veritable Dracula night and meet the Transylvania vampires…So, what do you wait?

How to Get to Transylvania Dracula Castle

Bat swarming is not your superpower? Relax, we`ve got you covered.

From many European cities is fairly easy to get to Transylvania. The fastest option is to fly to one of the nearest airports. Once you are there, get around by public transport. It is the cheapest way to explore the country. Moreover, it is the most authentic way to experience Romanian daily life. Nevertheless, driving around offers a spectacular view. Explore more and get off the beaten track. This also makes it easier to visit other Transylvanian castles. The last thing you should worry about when planning your trip to Transylvania Dracula Castle is how to get there. Because there are many ways and each comes with its beauty.

Inside Transylvania Dracula Castle
Bedroom inside Transylvania Dracula Castle via Google Images

Backpacking Transylvania is also possible. There are multiple budget-friendly options to make your way there. The region is easy to reach by train from Vienna, Budapest or Belgrade. In addition, this picturesque area symbolizes the heart of Romania. Above all, it offers more than spooky legends. You can save some money by taking the overnight train from Budapest to Brasov. It also gives you the chance to spot some less touristic landscapes and villages.

Best Time to Visit Transylvania Dracula Castle

Blossomed meadows, hot summer days, romantic autumns or snow-covered mountains? Go and make your choice. Transylvania has amazing views to offer any time of the year.

Romania has a temperate continental climate. That is why it is ideal for a summer escape or winter holiday. Also, don`t forget spring and autumn. Rainy days can be quite frequent. And, fog and rain can make a visit to Transylvania Dracula Castle feel even more spooky and authentic.

Winter at Transylvania Dracula Castle
Winter view of Dracula`s Castle via Lonely Planet

During the warm seasons hiking, cycling, rock climbing, and trekking are popular activities. Moreover, if running is your cup of tea, Transylvania 100k Race is a must-do. It crosses the Bucegi Massif, one of the most spectacular areas of the Carpathians Mountains. Nonetheless, it starts at Transylvania Dracula`s Castle main gate.

And how about Halloween? This is the best day to meet your fellow vampires! Don`t miss the chance to join the party. Because Halloween is celebrated yearly at Dracula`s Castle. And this is done in a way that cannot be easily forgotten.

No matter what season you choose, anytime is the best time to visit Transylvania. Anyway, don`t forget to pack some garlic. Just in case…

Where to Sleep in Transylvania

If sleeping between vampires is not a dream night for you, hold on! There are still many options to choose from. So, you can spend the night in the vicinity of the Castle.

Bran village is a popular overnight hub for tourist from all over the world. It is also the best place to sleep if you intend to capture Transylvania Dracula`s legend birthplace during night time. Here, guesthouses are the most popular option. They usually include one traditional Romanian meal and palinca tasting. This will be indeed the cherry on top of your holiday.

Traditional romanian guesthouse
Traditional Transylvanian guesthouse via Google Images

More accommodation alternatives are available in Brașov, Râșnov, and  Zărnești. The options here vary between hotels, hostels and camping grounds. For a more personal approach, you can choose even homestays.

There are several reasons why you should visit Romania. Transylvania Dracula Castle is indeed one of the most popular attractions. Nonetheless, this spectacular area has much more to offer. Is well known for many other things. If you haven`t bought your plane ticket yet, see here what is Transylvania famous for. Let the adventure begin!

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