For those planning for family holidays in the Balkans or Eastern Europe, Bucharest is one of the capital cities they should not miss. Ideally, everyone is traveling during summer vacations, so we compiled a list of things to do in Bucharest in the hot season. In Romania, family holidays are not usually spent in the city. Therefore the good news is you will be able to enjoy summer in Bucharest, while Bucharesters are on a break.


Active Things To Do in Bucharest


Our first recommendation is the Bucharest City Tour, which is a double-decker bus tour. Depending on where your accommodation is you could either hop in at Piața Presei Libere (The Free Press Square) or Piața Unirii (Union Square). This tour is perfect for tackling with the city’s architectural history and for spotting museums.

Second, on our list and a more down to earth approach for sightseeing is renting a bike. Luckily, you and your family could kill two birds with one stone. Consequently, you can have an active holiday and visit the largest park in the city by bike, Herăstrău Park. Recently renamed Michael I of Romania, upon the death of the last Romanian king, Herăstrău Park is also home to “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum. For renting bicycles, all you need is a copy of your passport and some money, an hour of cycling in the park amounts to the equivalent of one Euro. You will be able to find the renting office at the subway exit Aviatorilor. The bikes are also equipped with trailers as a safe option for children under six years of age.


things to do in Bucharest village museum

“Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum


Next, our third option, relatively close to Herăstrău Park, is the “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History. In case a rainy day comes this museum is the perfect interlude, especially for children. Apart from the spectacular dioramas that include both Romanian and global biodiversities, the museum holds temporary exhibitions. A venomous animals exhibition called Venom, The Untouchable Beauties marks the Summer of 2018. It closes on the last day of October, so you’ll have plenty of time to take a peek into it.


Other Parks and Recreations


things to do in Bucharest botanical garden

Green House in Bucharest’s Botanical Garden

Other fun things to do in Bucharest during your summer vacation and our fourth recommendation is spending an afternoon in the Botanical Garden and checking out the Historical Garden’s workshops and film projections. A group of young botanical experts and enthusiasts have put together a garden full of wonders. They aim at reintroducing long forgotten species of garden plants, growing and harvesting them within an educational project. We invite you to discover this marvelous corner in Bucharest’s Botanical Garden. You can ask for visiting permits and send any inquiries here. They speak English.

Fifth on our list and one of the wildest places in Bucharest is Văcărești Natural Park. Proof that nature can be resilient, the park, also dubbed the Delta of Bucharest, covers 184 hectares of land. One of the biggest wild urban parks in Europe, Văcărești Natural Park is home to 150 peculiar species of birds and even the rare fire-bellied toad. The Bucharest summer weather welcomes walks in the parks and spending lots of time outdoors. You might want to benefit from a trip to Văcărești Natural Park, which you can plan here.

Visiting Romania with kids in the summer should be entertaining for both parents and children. That is why our sixth suggestion is the Ferris Wheel and the Roller Coaster in the Linden Park (Parcul Tei). The good news is that this Bucharest attraction is almost never crowded. Also, the amusement park is part of a regular park placed on the shore of the Linden Lake (Lacul Tei) in the North-Eastern side of Bucharest. Correspondingly, the view from the Ferris Wheel over that part of town is spectacular.


More Things To Do in Bucharest – Aqua Parks


Summer in Romania could either be scorching or scattered with thunderstorms. However, our seventh recommendation should bring you and your family a joyous day no matter the weather conditions. Therme Bucharest a full option spa resort situated near Otopeni Airport can be easily reached by taking a shutter bus from Piața Romană, downtown Bucharest. The facilities include a tropical pool, a relaxation palm area, a Himalayan salt installation, and lots of interactive playgrounds for children.


things to do in Bucharest therme

Indoor pool at Therme Bucharest


Many of us daydream about lazy mornings or afternoons by the side of the pool with a cocktail in our hands. Well, if you are traveling to Bucharest with your family and want that daydream to be part of your vacation in Romania, you can go to Divertiland Water Park. It is one of the biggest if not the largest aqua park in the country. So number eight on our list is full of fast, scary and exciting water slides. Divertiland is located in West of Bucharest, and it can be reached with both public and private buses. Our suggestion is to rent a car for the location aforementioned and this one as well. 


Architecture and History in Bucharest


things to do in Bucharest calea victoriei

Calea Victoriei /Victory Avenue by night

Number nine on our list is a stroll on the legendary Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue). Why legendary? Because it is a landmark in the Eastern European capital. Spotted with the most notable buildings and monuments, Calea Victoriei, used to be one of the reasons Bucharest was called the Little Paris. Starting with the George Enescu Museum, and ending with the CEC Palace, the promenade will enchant your eyes. Not to mention, the Bucharest City Tour mentioned above will offer you a first glimpse into this avenue’s beauty.

Finally, number ten on the list needs no introduction. Bucharest’s Old Town is renowned for the multitude of cafés, restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Once the gathering place of the Princely Court of Vlad the Impaler in the 15th century and later on the center of traditional trades like metalworking and horseshoeing, the Old Town is now the go-to place for anyone who is visiting Bucharest.

Apart from the top 10 things to do in Bucharest in the summer, here you will find another top 10 things to do, but this time in Transylvania. Enjoy your trip to Romania!


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