Excess baggage while traveling? Here are the best tips!

excess baggage

There are no two ways about the fact that money is the primary concern of everyone and all of us want to save a few bucks while going anywhere. If you are traveling around the world with your family, saving money is something you must be fixing your gaze on. That being the case, you must be thinking about minimal cost in case you are having excess luggage on you. Here, we have compiled up some beneficial tips to save money on excess baggage while traveling. In this way, you can save money and travel more and you can never know if this can change your life.

1. Do an in-depth research and compare shipping costs

These days, you can find a bunch of well-reputed cargo companies who offer the services of transporting excess baggage. You can choose any of them that suits your needs. For example, if you are traveling to India from the UK, sending your excess baggage to India by a cargo company works out to be much cheaper than you book it with your airline.

The being the case, an in-depth research will pull it off. Before choosing the company to get your excess luggage transported to the desired destination, get your hands on the list of all the trustworthy cargo companies and compare the shipping costs, reviews of the customers and the distance from your location. It’s a bit time-consuming process but you will be ending up saving quite a lot. Yes, that’s a given. If you are short of research, don’t send your luggage. It’s a must. No ifs or buts about that.

2. Pack lightly and tightly

Packing is the something of the utmost importance. While packing, you must keep a close weather on the weight of your stuff. And in case you are after saving a few bucks while paying excess charges, pack as less as possible. That said, the weight of your luggage is the decision maker. Only pack the stuff with the highest priority and forget about the unnecessary things so that you would be able to keep the weight of your luggage minimal and consequently avoid paying extra charges.

excess baggage

Packing in the right way is also very crucial because it decides the size of your parcel. Pack all the items yourself and in an adequate way so that the size can be kept very less.

3. Reduce the number of clothes

If you are backpacking any place, try to pack as fewer clothes as possible and pack like a pro. That means you might be thinking about packing five pairs of shoes if you are up for skiing or trekking, be that as it may, three pairs can get the job done for your case. So, why you would pack five instead of three? And, in case you are visiting any beach, pack a long white button-down shirt that would look fine with even pants or can be used as a swimsuit cover.

Carrying as little as possible is the best way to reduce the excess baggage shipping costs. I kid you not.

4. Booking in Advance

It is rightly said that think before you decide. Before sending your excess baggage through the courier company, watch out for the right time to send the luggage. Always book in advance to avoid paying extra charges. Specifically, if you are up to send the luggage for any function or as a gift, book before time so that it can be collected before time.

Also, the courier companies offer special discounts during specific events of the year. And this is the perfect time to get your stuff delivered at even more pocket-friendly rates which you might have paid otherwise. It is recommended to never go for urgent cargo service as it’s very expensive than the normal delivery. On that account, booking before time is something you must fix your gaze on.

excess baggage

5. Pack everything yourself

Who could pack your luggage in a way better than yourself? Surely, you are the one who can pack your own items with intense care and in an adequate manner.

Yes, you hear it right. There is socking great difference between the way you will pack and get the stuff packed through anyone other than you. For instance, always pack all of your stuff yourself.

It’s too beneficial as you are going to bring off the packing charges by doing this and no one can pack your stuff better than you. Before packing, try out to lower the package size by packing in an appropriate manner. For this reason, pack all the items in a way that they grasp the least possible place. This way, you will be winding up saving a few more bucks. That’s parsimonious, isn’t it?

6. Send in Bulk

Sending in bulk rather than separate package is another a very beneficial move. Bulk shipment can cost you less as compared to separate shipments. Also, courier companies’ offer discounted rates on the bulk shipments. Be that as it may, sending all of your packages as a bulk cargo instead of sending them separately is what we beat the drums for. This is because of the factor that a single delivery rate will be charged on all the packages if you send them through bulk shipment and hence you would be paying less than you might have paid otherwise.

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