These are tips for the traveler who distinguishes himself or herself from simple tourists. The difference between the two, the tourist and the traveler, have been discussed by many authors. Here is an example drew from a famous sociologist who analyzed this difference. Every new destination is an opportunity to understand the world, the cultures and the people that populate this beautiful planet.

Be Open and Allow New Things to Come to You

Discover new places using the eyes and soul of the kid inside you.

Don’t judge.

Just feel: use your touch, your eyes, your smile. Breath the air. What do you feel?

tips for the traveler the Milky Way

Imagine the world around you as it was upon a time. What do you feel and hear? What do you see? Breathe deeply.

 Tips for the Traveler That You Are

It’s your unique experience.

Keep it simple.

Uppss… and not to forget …some meows from Kiara Yew

💭 Each place has a different meaning for each of us.

What’s the meaning of this place to you? 💭

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