So, dear friend, I invite you to pack your bags. We are about to go on the Spiral Temple Adventure together. Yes, you heard me right. It’s an old magical temple, carved in a cave. You won’t find much information about it on the Internet, but trust me, we are talking about thousands of years of history.

Many people ask us what is Transylvania famous for? And we usually answer: Transylvania Dracula castle, Transylvania vampires, werewolf legends and other Romanian mythical monsters. But these are not the only things you should take into account.   You should also visit other magical places. So watch out my experience near  Brasov in  Sinca Veche.

Kiara Yew Adventures Spiral White Temple Sinca Veche Dacian

It’s a sunny Sunday morning, and we reach the place by car. Near the old cave, the Weirds Monastery awaits. As we exit our vehicle, we hear the priest singing. Consequently, the villagers gather inside and outside the church. And they are all singing.

What an enchanting place this is! With birds singing, a lot of trees, wooden fences, a church, and even a sacred cave. Also, there is a blessed refreshing water spring the adventurous traveler can try. Let’s try it!

As we enter the temple, we arrive in the first chamber. Looking up, we can notice the stone is carved into a spiral form. The light goes down into the temple in circles through the spiral. It’s pure light.

So, I close my eyes and make a wish. Since here there is a custom to make wishes in sacred places or fountains, why not? There are many Romanian superstitions, some of them can be mystic or amusing for foreigners.

Spiral Temple Adventure – A History

We found out from the monks. This temple has different names like “The Temple of Destiny,” “The Temple of Wishes.”Once a spiritual crossing point at the border with The Austro-Hungarian Empire, The Șinca Veche Rupestral Monastery, in Brașov county, is an astonishing creation.

It is thought to have originated 7000 years ago. Some say it was carved in stone. And that would be an astonishing work. Different other galleries and chambers have disappeared over this extended period. It was discovered in 1742, according to some historical sources. Fortunately, the spiral of light in the temple and the altars used by monks inside are accessible for visitors like us too.

The Spiral Temple is a place where different people from all over the country come to address their wishes and prayers to God. By chance, we get to watch them write down names and wishes on pieces of paper and then stick them on the walls. The atmosphere is very spiritual here at the Destiny Temple or Mănăstirea Ursitelor as Romanians call it.

Then I notice a woman is praying to my left. She put her hands on the cold stone marked with an unknown sign, something like an hourglass. We all want to stay in the circle of light that comes from the spiral behind us. I wait my turn silently…

The second chamber is a darker room. It has a hall, and the light from the spiral comes here too, but more powerful and in smaller circles of light. It’s a chamber of silence. I close my eyes and remain in a bright spot. One can feel how time stops.  My experience was incredibly close to hearing all the uttered prayers the cave encapsulated for hundreds of years. It feels magical and pure.

A Spiritual Adventure at the Destiny Temple

Subsequently, my daughter joins me into the dark room, and she starts to run in circles around the circle of light formed inside the chamber. It’s a kind of tribal dance. We look stunned at her movements. It is such a profound moment. ♣

Into the third chamber, we are not allowed to enter. It is the darkest one. We can look into it, but the light is not helping us. If we make pictures, it is better. It has an altar within it.

Also the signs of Yin and Yang and the Star of David are present in the Altar. The Yin & Yang symbol is inside the Star of David.

A picture of a man is near these symbols. Don’t we know how old this picture is? Who is the man? But we notice that he is standing with his back to these symbols.

It is a place of acceptance. Admittedly we all have Yin and Yang inside us. We all have light and dark, feminine and masculine, good and bad. We are one. These are just faces of the same thing.

So, I take a deep breath. The air is wet and sacred. I love this place. True Spiral Temple Adventure, indeed.

Other symbols –  Adventure continues

Then, I said to myself that I should keep up with my journey. As I step outside the temple, the mind starts to create questions and seek answers.

Why is this symbol of Yin and Yang here? Why is the Start of David here? Moreover, why is the Yin and Yang symbol inside the Star of David?

These are not common symbols in the local tradition. |Moreover, who is the man drawn? And why is the stone of the temple so different than the other rocks around this place? And nothing is written around.

Some old stories mention something about a nearby Dacian settlement. But no other clues.

Then I stopped to drink some cold water from the water spring in the vicinity. And the water came so refreshing for me. Finally, I take this moment with me and continue my journey. See you there!

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You can make your wish, have good thoughts and then embark on a trip to Romania to experience a Spiral Temple adventure. Before starting your trip, take a look at how to get to Transylvania. And also watch out other adventures of Kiara Yew in Transylvania Romania.

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