Are you a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast? Whatever floats your boat, a trip to Romania is an unforgettable experience. Untouched nature, borderless forests and authentic experiences – try all of them and get ready for an amazing view! Romania wildlife journey is calling your name!

Wildlife watching in Romania

With so many beautiful places, is hard to decide where to travel next in Europe, right? Stop the panic, you are not alone! The easiest way to find your next dream destination is to analyze what makes your heart skip a beat. If the answer is wildlife, look no further! Experiencing Romania wildlife is the answer.

While almost 66% of the country’s surface is dominated by the Carpathian Mountains, these majestic giants are also home to several species of animals that live in Romania. Are you a cat or a dog person? Don’t answer. We all know that is hard to choose. However, no matter your preferences, Romania has the wild version of it. The shy Eurasian lynx and the Danube Delta’s wild dogs are just a preview to what’s hiding in the wilderness.

Romania wildlife: eurasian lynx with cub
Eurasian lynx in Romania via Pinterest

And that’s not even half of it! Nonetheless, Transylvania is Dracula’s land. After visiting his castle, experience a wolf watching Romania trip to enrich the spooky feeling! Did you know that the gray wolf is deeply related to Romania’s history? In fact, it used to be a symbol in battle for the Dacians. Knowing some gray wolf facts will encourage you to take the chance and observe them. 

In addition, going deeper into the forests brings out other surprises. Because around 6000 individuals of European brown bear live here. 35% of Europe’s brown bear population resides in Romania. It sounds like a great opportunity to go bear watching Romania, isn’t it? And because bears don’t actually hibernate, you might be lucky to spot them even in winter. Do your homework, read these brown bear facts and get ready to meet the furry giant.

European Brown Bear in Romania
Romanian brown bear love via Pinterest

What else about Romania wildlife?

You saw the bears, admired the wolves and got the shivers at Dracula’s castle. But there is still time left on your holiday. What now? It’s time to go South.

The Danube Delta Wildlife is one of a kind. For a bird lover, this might be paradise. With 300 species of birds registered here, there aren’t many places in Europe better for bird watching. Additionally, don’t miss the chance to go fishing here. Rent a boat and enjoy a local fishing trip, while also getting a tan. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch dinner! On the other side, bring mosquito repellent and pack some long sleeves to keep you comfortable. A Romania wildlife experience is amazing. Anyway, don’t forget to protect yourself from hungry mosquitoes.

Romania wildlife in Danube Delta: white pelican
White pelican in Danube Delta via Pinterest

In addition, Danube Delta is not just about water, birds, and mosquitoes. The impressive Letea forest is a must-do when you are around. One of the very few wild horse populations left in Europe can be found here. Eventually, is your chance to admire them running free and enjoying an undisturbed way of life.

Even more, camping in the Danube Delta is highly recommended and budget-friendly. And guess what? You might experience an unplanned encounter with the wild boar. There are many of them here. As they dig up the land, you can easily notice their presence. According to one of the most interesting wild boar facts, they are highly adaptable. If you miss the chance to see them here, don’t quit. After all, they are all around the country. Planning a hike? That might be your next chance to say hello.

Wild boar sow with piglets in Romania
Wild boar sow with piglets via Google Images

Ready to go?

Is your backpack ready? Pack your hiking boots, binoculars, essentials and photo camera. Indeed you will want to keep a memory of this Romania wildlife journey! And if all the above made your trip unforgettable, there are still many reasons to come back. Get off-the-beaten-track and explore new sides of Romania on your next trip. The Movile cave is a good reason to return, together with other regions that deserve your attention. Discover the local traditions in Maramures County, soak in the hippie vibes of Vama Veche and relax!

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