Summer is finally here and the hiking season it’s on! Romania is a paradise for any outdoor lover. Hiking, trail running, or easy afternoon walks – anything you wish for, is available. You should add Romania hiking to your adventure list. It’s stunning in winter and even more impressive in the summertime. In autumn and spring nature creates unique canvas – chances are you would never see these colors somewhere else.

In Romania, hiking will take you deep into the heart of the country. Up in the Carpathian Mountains life is simple. Be ready for untouched scenery, breathtaking views, and real wilderness. You will discover forgotten villages, where time flows slowly. Not to mention the Romanian hospitality. If you meet shepherds, indeed you’ll get to try the local cheese. And you won’t forget that taste, the view adds some extra flavor!

Herding sheep in Transylvania
Romanian shepherd via Maiastra

Hiking in Transylvania

Oh, Transylvania, the land of…vampires, tales, and everything nice. So, you already know what is Transylvania famous for. But that’s not all! Not a few are the travelers that choose to explore nature here.

Tampa Mountain in Brasov, Romania
Tampa Mountain in Brasov via Pinterest

When you get to Transylvania, Brasov must be your first stop. As soon as you arrive, you’ll see it: Tâmpa Mountain. Time for fun! Tâmpa overlooks the city and it’s an easy walk, perfect to get you started. Tie your shoelaces, grab some snacks, and get going! You can choose from several trails, with different difficulty levels. For example, Gabony’s stairs can get slippery, so if you wouldn’t bet on your grip, better try the serpentine trail. Even more, the second one starts right from the city center. Can you see the Brasov sign? That’s where you’re going! The view from the top is stunning and is also a great picture spot. Hence, don’t leave your camera home! What if you don’t feel like hiking? No worries, Brasov has got you covered. Take the cable car from the base of the mountain and enjoy it!

Romania hiking in Piatra Craiului National Park
Piatra Craiului National Park via Pinterest

Furthermore, the picturesque scenery of the nearby settlements is attracting more and more outdoor lovers. Zarnesti is one hour away from Brasov and the gateway to Piatra Craiului National Park. Hike to Curmatura mountain cabin for the best beans soup ever and a stunning view of the limestone ridge. At this point, you might even spot some wildlife. If you’re feeling brave, spend the night and hit for the ridge the next day. It’s not an easy hike up there, but it’s worth it! Before leaving, pay a visit to Magura Village and Zarnesti Gorges.

Where to, Miss?

To the peak, please! You can go hiking around most Transylvanian cities. For example, after exploring Dracula’s castle, how about hiking the mountains behind it? You can choose from different trails, varying in difficulty. Here you might spot some of the animals that live in Romania. Even more, in the Bucegi Mountains, the chances of meeting a brown bear are quite high. You don’t feel like ascending? Make your way to Prahova Valley and jump in the cable car. You’ll see spectacular rock figures on the Bucegi Plateau – Sphinx and Babele. Notice how Romania hiking has something for everyone?

Romania hiking - The Sphinx in Bucegi Mountains
The Romanian Sphinx via Google Images

Further on, after visiting Sibiu, don’t miss the Fagaras Mountains! Avid hikers can conquer here the highest peak in Romania – Moldoveanu (2544m). Even more, if trail running flows your boat, Cindrel Mountains are just one hour away from the city. Not so technical but still impressive, this mountain range is a favorite amongst Romanian runners. Consider the best time to visit Transylvania when planning your trip, so you can make the most of it.

Romania, hiking? I`m in!

Romania is synonymous with nature. If you choose, you can spend weeks camping in the mountains. You can swim in glacier lakes and see the sunrise from the peak. You can kiss the sky and hug the forest. Here, in Romania, beauty surrounds you. Even more, hiking doesn’t have to be at 2000m altitude. Via Transilvanica is a project in progress, but, once completed, it will be the El Camino of Romania. What a better way to discover a culture?

Hiking the highest peak in Romania, Moldoveanu
Moldoveanu, the highest peak in the country via Amazing Romania

The more you hike, the more you want it. Yes, you can become addicted to hiking and is probably the healthiest addiction to have. The view from the peak will always make your heart skip a beat, but the real experience is the journey there. With every step you take, the landscape changes. Even more, you change. Nature makes everything better. Romania hiking? It’s waiting for you!

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