There are plenty of medieval castles and fortresses in Romania, but they aren’t unusual destinations like the one we are sharing here. Even the name of its location in Transylvania, The Valley of Fairies, is indicative of the nature of this castle. For the unique appearance of the Clay Castle Romania can be considered an exception on the world map of fairytale constructions.

The Location of Clay Castle Romania

Visiting Romania with kids should be playful, carefree and filled with wonderful spots, for it is not easy to impress them. Therefore, what can be more entertaining for children than a fairytale-like clay castle? Here‘s how this hobbit looking castle comes across as being. Easy to find on Google Maps just by typing Castelul de lut Valea Zânelor, the clay castle Romania could be the perfect spot on your way to or from Sibiu, as is located 40 km away.

Furthermore, the offbeat location of Porumbacu de Sus village, where the clay castle is situated, can easily be missed while traveling on the spectacular Transfăgărșan road. But not anymore, since the Clay Castle is just a 20 minutes drive away from where the road ends.


clay castle Romania

Beautiful view of the clay castle of the Valley of Fairies


The Construction of Clay Castle Romania

Indeed, the hobbit castle nickname derives from its looks: curved white walls, a wooden tile roof, and arched doors. Somehow resembling the Hobbit-hole Middle-Earthian fantastic dwellings, the clay castle was actually built by a Romanian couple. They decided to leave a life in the capital city for the fabulous Carpathian scenery. Moreover, the sprawling structure of the clay castle is the design of the ecological architect Ileana Mavrodin. She jumped into the project to help the couple in making their dream come true. By using clay, straw bales, sand, and stone, its creators are popularizing the already cool Earth safe design.

clay castle RomaniaWhat You Can Do at the Clay Castle

For the moment, you can visit the whimsical building and take pictures of it for a small fee of 1.07 Euros. This year a restaurant will open. Next year, anyone who would like a stay at the Clay Castle will be able to reserve a room. It will be open for accommodation too. The visiting hours are from 10:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon, all week long. Professional photo sessions can be arranged for the price of 200 lei/40 Euros. Many Romanian couples choose to take wedding photos here for its fairytale atmosphere. We don’t know about you, but we can barely wait to taste the local and perhaps the fusion cuisine dishes. Not to mention we are enthusiastic about sleeping in one of the castle’s rooms in the near future. Among the fun things to do in Romania is to play at the Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies in Romania on your family holidays. Here‘s their Facebook page, that they update constantly and here‘s their website. The Clay Castle is an exemplary edifice that brings homage to both ecological architecture and peculiar imagination.

Below you will find another version of the hobbit-like Clay Castle, one that can keep your children busy and create a vivid memory of the Valley of Fairies in Romania.  It is a free coloring page for you and your kids:


clay castle Romania

Print the coloring page



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