How to get to the Danube Delta? We have been asked many times by foreign tourists.  Are you planning to visit Romania’s natural wonder and you want to know the best way to arrive there? Well, it should be easy if you land in Bucharest at one of the two airports and lend a car. There are a few places where you can start your holiday from, Tulcea and Murighiol, being among them. Once you arrive, from there on you should know most of the traveling is done on water. 


how to get to the Danube Delta

A boat tour on Saint George channel/canal Sfântul Gheorghe


You can conveniently rent boats or choose accommodation that includes transportation on boats. Sulina and Sfântul Gheorghe villages are the farthest dry land points, where you can start the adventure. But first, let’s see some ways to arrive in this magic place.

How to Get to the Danube Delta from Bucharest

The first destination on our list is Tulcea. If you leave from Bucharest with a car, head eastbound on the A2 motorway for about 100 km. Then turn left towards Slobozia and follow the 2A road through Țăndărei. After that, cross the Danube at Giurgeni, pass through Hârșova, and from there on just follow the 22A. The whole route is about 300 km long, and it takes about 3 and ½ h to arrive in Tulcea. It’s less than it will take by bus and a lot less than it will take to get there by train.

how to get to the Danube Delta gura portitei

Gura Portitei Beach


Bucharest – Murighiol via Constanța

There are two roads you can take to Murighiol, a village neighboring the last ancient Roman ruins of the Halmyris fortress. You can either drive from Bucharest via Slobozia or straight from Constanța. For those wanting to explore the Danube Delta cruise alternative, Murighiol is a very good solution as it is a boat station that will give you access to this magic place. On the way to the village, you can stop by the Razim and Sinoe lagoons, or take a boat to Gura Portiței beach.

Here you can find a list with Danube Delta Tours with specific activities such as bird watching or visits to the Letea or Caraorman forests. The Danube Delta wildlife watching is among the most popular things to do in this area. Moreover, for those who are looking for more adventure, they can try camping in the Danube Delta. They won’t regret!

In this section, you will find out more about the Danube Delta Romania traveling and family holidays spent there. The Romanian people call this amazing place Delta Dunării. Besides the question on how to get to the Danube Delta, we recommend seeing when is the best time to visit  Danube Delta and look over other Danube Delta Holidays advice.


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