The Danube Delta is the perfect destination for a family vacation, as it has to offer many fun activities for all ages. First of all, daily boat trips can take you almost anywhere in this charming water landscape, depending on what you choose to do. Second of all, every day there is something new to learn about or discover if you have never been on a river’s delta before: bird watching, catch and release fishing, safari tours in sandy forests and adventure travel on narrow water channels. Above all else, the food is fantastic, especially for fish connoisseurs. Amid the local recipes, some of the most delicious are Sturgeon borscht, Pike caviar, grilled Scomber and Carp in spicy brine sauce. So we went on a trip to Danube Delta and enjoyed a lot of fun activities for a family of four.

Fishing and Boat Trips with Your Kids

As a mother of two, a 7-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl, I wondered what they would do in the Danube Delta all day long? The answer came in the morning we arrived. Having seen the fish rods of other tourists, they asked if they could try it. My kids have never gone fishing before, but in the Danube Delta, this was their most beloved activity. They stayed near the water for hours to wait for a fish. When the fish bit the hook, they were so happy!

fun activities for a family fishing

Children fishing in the Danube Delta

Another activity I strongly recommend when visiting the Danube Delta is a boat trip. Although boats travel pretty fast, on some of the water channels and when encountering other ships, the driver needs to limit the speed and break the waves. Kids can quickly fall asleep on a long trip, as my son did after just one hour of cruising the Danube Delta, so I suggest finding a route that does not take more than two or three hours. My children were so happy to spot different species of birds they have never seen before:

– Look, mom! There is a pelican! And another one there! My son wholeheartedly broke out.

Fun Activities for a Family at the Aquarium

After taking a peek at all those new birds and plants: reed, water lilies, water willows, white locust trees, I hinted at a visit to the Aquarium or Danube Delta Nature Science Museum in Tulcea.

fun activities for a family aquarium

Kids at the Aquarium in Tulcea


It was one of the most inspired activities we had in Tulcea, and I thoroughly recommend it for a family with children. The museum has a collection of all the birds and plants we had already seen in the Danube Delta wildlife. My kids recognized them all, but they also learned more details about the Danube Delta life on and under water. In addition to a typical fish hatchery, the big surprise for them was the large Dolphin aquarium and the colorful exotic fish water tank.

Kids will be very thrilled to watch Nemo and Dolli swimming in the aquarium.

Finally, the most delicious fish soup my family and I have ever tasted had been cooked here, in the Danube Delta and we love to eat fish. For some, this could be one of the most unforgettable fun activities for a family in the Danube Delta.


fun activities for a family sunset

Danube Delta sunset

Sunsets in the Danube Delta are spectacular, and my children fell in love with them.

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