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Are you planning a fun road trip with your family? Do you have overexcited and inquisitive little ones that become difficult to handle? Children love to move around, explore, experiment, and just do things constantly. Stopping them from doing all that and confining them in a moving vehicle can be quite difficult. Their tantrums and sulks will put your parenting skills severely to the test. So, what can you do to avoid them? Keeping your traveling situation and their safety in mind, your options are quite limited. But do not fret. We have gathered all the effective and successful ways to keep your kids occupied. Our ways include interactive storytelling games, educational trivia, puzzles, and much more. Let us discuss them in details below.

How to Entertain Your Kids During Your Family Road Trip

I Spy

If you have excited and young little ones in your car, playing I Spy is a great way to keep them entertained. Kids love to watch and identify new things. They can look out the window and experience the world with new eyes. Moreover, it is the perfect way to teach them more about colors, shapes, and such.

Good Story Games

Story games are a great way to pass time while on a family road trip. There are numerous good story games online and offline that you can utilize. The kids can explore their imaginative skills and create their own story. It is also a great way to teach your kids about life, decision-making skills, and more. Apart from all that, this game is bound to keep the little ones entertained all the time.

Word Games

Improving their vocabulary is one of your responsibilities. The more words they know, the better their speaking and writing skills will be. Playing word-related online English games will not only keep them entertained but also improve their vocabulary. They are quite fun and educational at the same time.

Crossword Puzzles

If you are looking for other English educational games, crossword puzzles are a great choice. Kids love solving puzzles. Despite the fact that they may not be able to complete it, they love to try. You can join this game and have a good old bonding session while in the car. Just let them try solving the clues and give your inputs where needed. They will learn new things and have loads of fun all at the same time.


While studies are important, your kid also needs to know about the world, its cultures, social conditions, and more. You can ask simple trivia questions related to movies, music, cartoons, comics, national and international news, and more. It is a great way to make your family road trip fun, educational, and entertaining.

Coloring Books

If you just want to spend your road trip in silence while driving, coloring books are what you need. They will stay indulged in their books and give you some much-needed quality time. Just pack a bag of simple drawing pads or coloring books, coloring pens, crayons, and such. You can find many free coloring pages that you can print before. As the road trip starts, let them color and you can have some moments to yourself.

family road trip

Do not be afraid to be creative and imaginative in keeping them entertained. You also have a full page dedicated to kids while traveling in Romania. You can utilize these tips and tricks and allow story-driven games, puzzles, and trivia to do the job. Or you can make your own games to make the trip fun. The choice is completely yours.

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