When you think about unique animals and impressive wildlife, which is the first continent that pops in your mind? Is probably Africa, right? However, don’t underestimate Europe. Closer than we imagine, live some of the most unique and impressive creatures. Let’s discover together some unique European animals. Are you ready to be surprised?

Wildlife in Northern Europe

Santa Claus is coming to town! And who’s helping him? Rudolf and the other reindeers, of course! What can be more Christmassy than getting to meet his helpers? In Finland, you can admire and even interact with reindeers, in Santa’s hometown of Rovaniemi. In Northern Europe, is living a population of 3 million domestic reindeers. Norway alone hosts 270,000 reindeers. Other places where you can see these emblematic animals are Sweden and the Laplands of Scandinavia. Living in the UK? Surprisingly, they are closer than you imagine. In Scotland, Cairngorms National Park is home to 150 reindeers. Talking about plans for next Christmas?

Unique european animals: icelandic reindeer
Icelandic reindeer via Google Images

Planning a trip to Iceland? Then don’t miss the only native mammal on the island. The arctic fox, a little white ball of fur, lives in temperatures way below 0o C. Her main diet consists of rodents, fish, and birds. Additionally, in times of need, the arctic fox also scavenges for carrion. If you’re lucky to spot one hunting, you will attend a quite impressive show. If she hears the prey’s location, it leaps into the air and breaks through the snow layers. Jumping fox? That sounds fun!

Icelandic arctic fox
Arctic fix in Iceland via Pinterest

Does the Pine marten ring a bell? This member of the Mustelidae family is related to badgers, weasels, stoats, and polecats. He lives mostly in wooded areas and can be found from coniferous forests to mixed woodlands. The cat-sized marten lives in communities, usually sharing hallow trees and dens. They are active at dusk and during the night. In order to spot them, make your way to Scotland, especially in the Grampian Mountains. Additionally, Ireland hosts a large population as well.

Unique european animals: scottish pine marten
Scottish Pine marten via Tumblr

How about other European Countries?

Some unique and wild European animals might live closer than you think. How about the wild boar? This widely spread European inhabitant can be spotted in several countries around the continent. For example, is one of the animals that live in Romania. In addition, if you know some wild boar facts, it’s easy to understand how adaptable they are. Nonetheless, they get bonus points for being easy to track in the forest!

And if you have already seen the wild boar, there is more out there to be discovered! Meanwhile, how about the raccoon dog? This Canid indigenous to East Asia got his name due to his fur resemblance to the raccoon. He is omnivorous and can live up to 5 years. In Europe, the raccoon dog can be seen in Finland, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, and several other countries. In Sweden, it was treated as a potentially hazardous invasive species. Additionally, Romania also hosts a notable population of raccoon dogs. If you’re lucky enough, you might spot them during your Romania wildlife journey!

Raccoon dog in Danube Delta
Danube Delta raccoon dog via Google Images

Remember the Carpathians Mountains? Certainly, here you have the biggest chances to observe the gray wolf and the brown bear. Don’t know too many things about them? It is never too late to learn! Some gray wolf facts might help you understand why they are impressive. Additionally, the brown bear facts will make you love even more this fluffy giant.

Is that All about European Animals?

Is there something missing? We haven’t mentioned the bird lovers yet. One of the most impressive bird species that can be seen around Europe is the Great White Pelican. Is he so great? Is he so white? Yes. Even more, he is part of the Danube Delta wildlife. More than 50% of the Eurasian Great White Pelican breed in the Danube Delta. According to the temperatures, they arrive in Delta in late March or early April. As the summer is spent here, henceforth they can be admired up to September or sometimes even November. And as they also migrate, the largest breeding colony in Africa is on Lake Rukwa in Tanzania. Nevertheless, other African countries that have numerous populations are Ethiopia, Chad, and Nigeria.

Great White Pelican in the Danube Delta
Great White Pelican in the Danube Delta via Lonely Planet

Sounds like Europe is richer in wildlife than one would imagine, right? Consequently, there are several European animals that we can admire. And if you make your way to Romania to spot some of them, don’t miss the Movile Cave. It might not be an animal, but it is one of its kind! Time to hit the road!

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