Dracula NightDracula Night

Not many people know what is Transylvania famous for besides Dracula. We decided to go for a popular way of doing tourism. So, it seems a Dracula Night experience can be found on Airbnb nowadays. It’s an experience one can never forget for sure. It is a little creepy, indeed! It all happens at Bran Castle (Castelul Bran in the Romanian language), in Transylvania Romania. This is the same castle as the one that inspired Bram Stoker novel.

Walking in the forests around the castle, sleeping in a coffin, eating the same food as Dracula did,  hearing the howling wolves around this magic place.  All of this is now possible due to some people that made this possible.

Dacre Stoker, Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew, will answer your knock on the castle’s imposing wooden doors. He will be your host for the night and resident expert on Transylvanian lore. Before all these experiences we recommend to read some stories about Transylvania vampires and the werewolf legends of Romania. Also, there are other creepy Romanian mythical monsters you can read about.

Would You Want to Spend Halloween in the Castle Which Inspired the Legend of Dracula in Transylvania?

That is precisely what more than 80,000 people have applied to do via the accommodation website, Airbnb.

 Night Dinner in Bran Castle Dracula  Coffin

Dracula night experience is held on the night of 31st October to early morning the 1st of November, on Halloween Night. An unusual and magic night that now takes you back in time and space precisely in the Transylvania woods.

Therefore it wouldn’t be entirely magic if there were not some secret doors and secret stairs. And here they are!

Bran Castle Secret Tunnel

A secret passage on the first floor leads to the grand dining room where an intimate candlelit dinner will await, prepared as accurately as described in Bram Stoker’s novel. Following the hearty, blood-enriching meal, you will be invited to bed in luxurious velvet-trimmed coffins in the seclusion of the Count’s crypt.

So, dear friend pack your things and come to Transylvania! Dracula night experience now exists!

I am sure that this is just the beginning of new adventures.

Dracula Night House Rules

Not to forget, here are some rules of Dracula’s castle you should know before coming:

  • No garlic or garlic-scented items allowed
  •  You are kindly requested to leave your silver jewelry at home
  • Do not cross the cutlery. In fact, please refrain from placing anything in a cross formation
  • Beware of the bats in the castle tower
  • Please close all curtains before sunrise
  • The count is not a fan of mirror selfies

So, here you can find some hints for a night in the Transylvania castle. Although it is an unusual travel experience, you can find some tips for the traveler inside you. All you need to do is be open minded and maybe a tiny Dracula curious.

Transylvania Dracula experiences are a great way of discovering this region. So, we strongly recommend reading more stories before visiting this fascinating territory. Apart from this Transylvania Dracula Castle adventure, there are many other Transylvanian castles you could visit as museums. They are just as magical as this one. This Dracula night experience can be scary for kids so we recommend trying out Transylvania with kids in summer. For those loving animals, there is bear watching Romania or wolf watching Romania experience. So, come and enjoy the Dracula night experience!

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