There are some marvelous things that you must not miss on a Danube Delta Tour. Among them, there is a sunset on a lake inside the delta. In the villages, you can find a delicious fish soup prepared with care by the local fishers. Then, canoeing and camping into the wild, the little white and blue houses of Sfântul Gheorghe village, and of course, the wild horses of Letea and Caraorman forests. To have all of these and discover the Danube Delta Romania, you need to know what kind of boat tour you would venture on. Read our compilation of Danube Delta tours and decide what your cup of tea is.

Dried frish from Danube Delta

Danube Delta Tours – Photography

The Danube Delta or Delta Dunării, as we call it Romanian, is known as one of the best photographic landscapes in the world. Fortunately, there are very few things comparable to the sounds and images of any aquatic scenery. So, don’t miss out on exercising your skills and try a wildlife photo tour in the Danube Delta. You can even rent the equipment or try aerial photography with a Moto Delta Plane. In any case, you will be traveling on a special boat with four double bench seats and camouflage. This way you will have enough space and protection for your cameras.

Danube Delta Tours
Sarichioi village in the Danube Delta

If photography tours are your thing either as a professional photographer or as an amateur one, then why not explore more of Romania while also covering the Danube Delta? Atlas Obscura presents an 11-day photo trip at the end of June and the beginning of July 2019. It includes a trip to the Enisala Medieval Fortress, originally build by Genovese traders.

We happily recommend a Wild Images Danube Delta Tour in June 2019. They have a team of well-trained guides who also happen to be great photographers. However, June and July are the mosquito season months, so you must bring some form of repellent with you. For the best time to visit Danube Delta, you should check our timeline guide.

Birdwatching Tours in the Danube Delta

Birdwatching tours are the most looked for activity in the Danube Delta. This famous Biosphere Reservation is home to the Dalmatian pelican, the Glossy Ibis, many cormorants and species of ducks. Everybody wants a quick peek at these migrant birds during the summer. We chose a Murighiol-based Danube Delta wildlife boat tour as an unforgettable experience. Having had the best reviews, as well as a lot of exotic birds listed, it is one of the best local trips.

birdwatching photography tours
A Squacco Heron (Ardeola ralloides) in Danube Delta | Photo by Iliuta Goean

Local and professionally guided birdwatching tours into the wild are a good choice when you start your adventure in Tulcea. Besides, local guides will help you discover Danube Delta with its rituals, lifestyle, and cuisine.

Danube Delta Safari for Adventurers

Adventurers are usually equipped for difficult traveling conditions, but a Danube Delta Safari experience is bliss. So, pack your boots, your tent, inflatable mattress, sleeping bags, something for the wind and impermeable. There you go, you are almost ready for camping in the Danube Delta. Of course, no safari is complete without some serious motion. Kayak boats and bikes on dry land are all included in smart packages, from a local host in Sulina. You can try them on a solo trip or as fun activities for a family in Danube Delta.

Danube Delta Safari on boat
Danube Delta safari on a floating hotel

Aquatic Tours for Families

The best solution for a Danube Delta family tour is a kayak tour that includes camping and English speaking instructors. Not the mention, these kayak tours are held on two routes from May to October. This is good news for those who want to avoid the big mosquitos season. As you might need waterproof cases for your belongings, they are available for rent. A guide on how to get to the Danube Delta from Bucharest or Contanța is helpful. Once you arrived in Tulcea, all you need to do to start your Danube Delta Holidays is to find your boat and guide into the aquatic world.

Family Tours
Discovering the Danube Delta wilderness

Travel Kit for Summer and Winter

During summer there are plenty of bike and boat Danube Delta Tours. But, one thing is for sure, you have to adapt to an aquatic environment. At the end of spring, the water changes course and the level increases. In any case, it is always going to be windy, especially on small motor boats. You can catch a ten in no time while floating on water and you will need a cap or hat for protection. Although you are surrounded by water, you need to stay hydrated on the boat. So, a metal water bottle should be perfect to bring with you. Mosquito repellents and long-sleeved warm clothes are a must in the evening.

Camping in the Danube Delta Romania

Winter, on the other hand, is a time when silence drops over the hills of Dobruja and the delta’s shores start to freeze. Nevertheless, the wilderness is still amazingly photographable. Dryland daily trips are a custom during Danube Delta winter tours. However, rubber boots and camouflage clothes are to preferable so that you can get closer to nature without disturbing it.

Of all the Danube Delta Tours, we hope you have already found the one that suits you most. A Danube cruise for a luxurious discovery of this grand European river and its delta are bookable in advance. Still, a Danube Delta cruise on a floating hotel is a classic and affordable way to spend your vacation there. Find out what kids can do in Danube Delta before you plan a family trip. Remember: the Danube Delta Tours are always going to be a way of discovery.

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