Danube Delta Holidays

Unlike other places in Romania, the Danube Delta is where you can pick all sorts of vacations. As it is a special ecosystem, the Danube Delta wildlife has been preserved, and there are few inhabited areas. In fact, a lot of vacation resorts are located on dry land, except for floating hotels or a Danube Delta cruise. Chilia, Sulina and Sfântul Gheorghe are the main three branches of the Danube river that form the delta. Likewise, each of them has a harbor town where you can set a camp and start your Danube Delta Holidays.

A Vacation for Adventure Seekers

To board a ship from Tulcea to Sulina or Sfântul Gheorghe in the Danube Delta sounds like a real quest. That is because the boarding schedule has only a Romanian online version. However, there is no reason to worry for adventure seekers. They always find a way to communicate with people and reach their destinations. We suggest using Google’s translation service for online naval transportation timetable.

Danube Delta Holidays
Sfântul Gheorghe – fishermen’s pier | Photo by Cristian Negoiță

Furthermore, we know adventure travelers are also looking for accommodation with the locals. So, don’t wait to try out everyday life in a typical Danube Delta village, dear voyager! Find out which one of the Danube Delta tours suits you best. Then, Letea, Crișan, Mila 23 and Periprava are just some of the delta’s most charming villages. You might want to mark them off your bucket list.

Danube Delta Holidays
Camping in the Danube Delta

Finally, as Danube Delta Romania is a Biosphere Reservation, camping is allowed only in a few places. But, on this Romanian camping sites map, you can check the Dobruja region and click on the advanced search. A few camping sites from Tulcea pop-up. Also, you should know that camping in the wild in Romania is forbidden by law. As for the things you need to know about camping in the Danube Delta, Kiara Yew has the best tips.

What Can Families Do on Danube Delta Holidays?

Delta Dunării, as Romanians call it, has been a destination for families for years. While the majority prefer the Black Sea beaches, some like to spend a quiet time surrounded by nature. So for them, the Danube Delta provides the perfect environment for a family holiday. In case you are wondering, late spring or early fall is the best time to visit Danube Delta. As for how to get to the Danube Delta, the closest airport is 50km away. There are a lot of fun activities for a family in Danube Delta and worry not about mosquitos. They can be easily avoided.

Romania Kids Triathlon competition in 2018
Romania Kids Triathlon competition in 2018 | Photo by Emi Gheorghe

One of the best ways to make it all about your kids on Danube Delta Holidays is to interest them in a sports competition. If they are already sporty, they will dig the Rowmania Triathlon for kids, in Tulcea. Then, if you are not chasing waves on a beach at the Black Sea, come and watch this spectacular rowing boat festival. It takes place every year at the end of summer.

Some of the best-rated family resorts are Iara Bed & Breakfast in Nufăru, on the Sfântul Gheorghe branch, and a summer house, Granny’s House, in Jurilovca on the Razim Lake. They both have an authentic Danube Delta feel and look amazing.

Danube Delta Holidays and The Best Way to Relax

What is the connection between the Danube Delta and the holidays? Well, on May 1st usually amateur fishers return. The fishing season is about to start. May 1st is also a National Holiday and everybody has a day-off. April vacations in the Danube Delta, especially on the Orthodox Easter are common among Romanian tourists.


Probably the most inclusive resort in the Danube Delta is the Enisala village. From safari expeditions to summer schools for children, there is a bunch of activities for everyone. A beautiful garden and farm complete the almost magical experience that is this place.

Nature photography amateurs can test their cameras on a bird watching tour. Not to mention you can catch a glimpse at the best aquatic sunsets ever. All of these, plus the culinary fish-based experience, are the best ways to relax and enjoy the magic of nature. As for what kids can do in Danube Delta, nature exploration and the kayaks are very much on their liking. Danube Delta Holidays are a perfect match for both families and adventure seekers.

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