Here we are again, on a venturous Danube Delta Cruise ship heading to an aquatic destination for a warm spring end, which is also the best time to visit Danube Delta. This article is about what an after Easter vacation should look like. So, for such a quest to begin, we chose five Danube river cruises for you to try.

Danube Delta Cruise

They all have the Danube Delta as a destination or even as a starting point. But, it is not just any destination. After all, this is where the great European river spills into the Black Sea. It is a place where you can probably spot the last dolphins that come up to the shores.

Start Your Cruise from Budapest

No. 5 on our list is a short introduction to the Eastern European Danube. Thus, for 10 days beginning with Budapest and debarking in Hîrșova, Constanța county in Romania, you are going to experience the descent of the river into the Black Sea.

Danube Delta Cruise in Budapest
Danube cruise ships in Budapest | Photo by Jeldu

Within the itinerary, a stop in Belgrade and a couple of Bulgarian cities will give you a sense of the Balkan Danubian life. So, we thought it’s one of the best deals for slow exploration at a very attractive price.

William Wordsworth Gets a Danube Delta Cruise

What does William Wordsworth, the 19th-century romantic poet, has to do with a Danube river cruise? Well, it is the name of a luxurious Swiss passenger vessel that sails for 14 days on a round trip, and you could treat yourself with a cruise on it. Indeed, we can imagine the romantic sight of the Iron Gates Gorge on such a cruise. Before reaching Constanța, the Black Sea harbor, a day into the wild Danube Delta Romania is included in this two-weeks escapade.

the WW vessel on a Danube cruise
William Wordworth vessel sailing through Budapest

So, no. 4 in our top is a cruise you can book anytime from late April to late September. What is interesting about a return sail trip is that you get to see more of the same route. In this case, the Danube Delta is the pearl of the cruise and there is only one stop for it. However, the perk of such a short first contact is the wish to return to the Danube Delta wildlife and do some birdwatching.

The Blue Danube Delta Cruise – Passau to Tulcea

Of all the music that paints a picture of a Danube river cruise, Kiara Yew thinks The Blue Danube by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss is the most suited piece. While you enjoy the audition, take a look at this 14 days Danube Delta Cruise, as it is our no. 3 choice.

Tulcea Danube Delta's harbour city
Tulcea as one destination | photo via Scena 9

From Passau, Germany to Danube Delta’s harbor city, Tulcea, you will be visiting Vienna, Belgrade, and Sulina. We recommend a quick peek at the Leopold Museum in Vienna, followed by a walk on the Ada Ciganija island on the Sava river in Belgrade. If you have ever wondered how to get to the Danube Delta, this the intricate way. This is how you get to enjoy these marvelous gems in advance.

A Cruise with A Danube Delta Safari Boat Tour Included

Here we are at no. 2 on the top five Danube Delta Cruise selections. This Danube Delta long tour is amazing. This cruise starts in Passau goes about 4000km and it reaches the point where the Danube meets the Black Sea. Passau it is also known as the City of Three Rivers: the Danube, the Inn, and the Ilz. As a result, it has thrived as a river port, a rail junction, and an industrial center over the centuries.

A vast natural array of water plants and willow trees are home to more than 300 species of birds in the Danube Delta. Not to mention boars, horses, and other domesticated animals roam freely in the delta’s sandy forests. In spite of that, you would be surprised to find out that camping in the Danube Delta is a charm.

Sulina the old lighthouse
Sulina, Danube Delta – the old lighthouse

This particularly scenic cruise takes you one of those mini Danube Delta Holidays, up until the sweet and salty waters meet, in Sfântul Gheorghe. In fact, you can also opt for it only on board. If you wish for a better grasp of this part of the world, then Danube Delta Tours for all is what you need.

Embark in Tulcea to Arrive in Linz

After making sure your kids, if you traveled with them, took their portion of nature and fishing, a cruise back to Central Europe is the perfect sequel. There is always more on what kids can do in Danube Delta, for it is a family resort. Romanian families love to have vacations in the delta. They would not miss fun activities for a family in Danube Delta in a million years.

postcard from Tulcea 1925
A 1925 postcard from Tulcea, Danube Delta

With a discount for children under ten years of age, this cruise is our no. 1 choice. Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna are among the cities you can set foot on. They are all cultural capitals for Central Europe and at the heart of the Danube river. To continue on an adventurous note, bike tours of these cities are included in the offer.

We are not the only experts in fun things to do in the Danube Delta. So, we came across this nice project that informs travelers about the cultures around the Danube river and we are sharing it with you.

With this top 5 river cruises in mind, we hope you enjoy your Danube Delta Cruise experience and come back for more tips & recommendations.

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