These days it is a lot easier to travel fast to the other side of the world and share your travel stories on the World Wide Web. Whichever way you choose to travel, and no matter how you live your adventure, you will still come back home a little more enlightened. So, if people are so much inclined to travel for the sake of distancing themselves from the daily routine, can traveling change your life as a result? Before we answer that, other questions come to mind. Meanwhile, if you are in a hurry, don’t forget to check out our best travel blog list at the bottom!

can traveling change your life car
 Can traveling change your life? | Photo by Elizabeth Weinberg

Have you ever wondered why do we travel in the first place? There could be many answers to this question; however, we all know for sure that traveling is a human desire. It is in the nature of humans to move, to change places even for a short while nowadays. Out of those who travel without an obligation, the majority does it to expand their imagination and for the sheer travel experience.

How Can Traveling Change Your Life For The Better?

There are many types of travelers, and you could be one of them: the planner or the one who lets it all to chance, the ruins explorer or the museumgoer and so on. Many young people have started traveling alone and sometimes writing about it. Young families travel abroad with their babies choosing to either stay nomad for the rest of their lives or come back and write blog posts full of recommendations. So, the new ways of voyaging with their jet lags, airport transits, travel life hacks, GPS locations and instagramable moments has not turned its back on classic travel writing. It seems like travel experiences are so powerful and changing, that people, who otherwise would not have written a word in the past, now share their stories with millions of others instantly.

Choosing to travel whenever you have the possibility, instead of remaining connected to your normal routine can bring about a change for life. Why? Because all serious travel requires getting up on time not to miss a flight, being able to pack bags at a fast pace, changing money in local currencies and skimming people. So, changing habits is what you do. Thus, you will have gathered all sorts of skills that can completely change your life.

It Is Not Necessary to Quit Your Job to Travel

The constant need to distance ourselves from the stress of our jobs and a polluted city makes us wish to travel more. So we search for opportunities that fit our busy schedules. Sometimes we choose vacations at all-inclusive hotels or miss the chance to explore more during our short city-breaks. One thing you can change for the better is finding jobs that let you travel. It can be difficult, but offering training in specific tasks within your post is one example.

can travel change your life Capri Italy
Travel experience on an island. Capri, Italy

Nowadays project-based jobs usually grant you the advantage of taking more extended vacations. You have seen all those inspiring stories of people quitting their jobs to travel and think great explorations like theirs can never be achieved while maintaining a job? Think again; there are plenty of jobs out there where you can travel the world: reporter, flight attendant, financial consultant, traveling nurse, website designer and many more. Plus, in the digital age, any type of freelance work should allow you to travel and expand your knowledge.

Blogs by Simple Travelers

Even reading travel novels has changed peoples’ lives for the better. I remember reading Herman Hesse’s existentialist novel, Narcissus and Goldmund, as I was very young and on a mountain trip to the Făgăraș Mountains. The book is one of the best travel books of all time. It is about finding the meaning of life while on a literal aimless voyage throughout medieval Germany. That was nomadic Goldmund’s destiny as opposed to Narcissus grounded fate. This book has been a constant reminder that by traveling and getting closer to the other you can broaden your understanding of the world.

cand travel change your life map of Europe
Children hand-drawn illustration – the map of Europe

Famous world explorers have published their work so that you can find out about hidden corners and fascinating gems on the globe. But that tradition is slowly being replaced by blogging and social media shares.

We went on a quest to find the best travel blogs out there, and we managed to pick a few we liked very much.

1. For female solo travelers, we recommend Be My Travel Muse.

2. For traveling families check out the Ninja Mom and her son.

3. You can find here Australia’s best adventure travel blog, founded by a photographer and an anthropologist.

4Chasing the donkey is the name of a dazzling insightful blog on traveling in the Balkans.

5. Finally, one of the best platforms with guest-posting by voyagers is Unpacked, the Lonely Planet blog.

Having all these wonderful travel blogs as inspiration for how travel can change your life, we hope you will get enthused about sharing your adventures with us and our readers.

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