In the Romanian folklore, there is a fantastic legend about Blajinii or “the Kind Hearted Ones.” Other names for them are “Rohmani” and “The White Ones. Depictions of Blajinii in stories, show them as semi-divine creatures. They live at the edge of our world, where all the waters of the Earth are gathering into one stream. The river that results in Apa Sâmbetei (Saturday’s Water) is part of Romanian mythology. There are many tales that use this image as well in other east European countries.

Blajinii, Rohmani and the Romanian Mythology

Blajinii Easter egg shells on Apa SambeteiThe Blajini have been described as small, happy and vivant creatures, always welcoming us humans. No illness or suffering affects them. People say that they can do miracles and they also take care of our dead relatives and close ones. So that’s why our ancestors used to pray to them. Legends talk about children often visiting them or their ability to see the Blajnii, in contrast with adults. Here is a story about a journey to their lands. The Blajini images and the region of Apa Sâmbetei (Waters of Saturday) in this article are illustrations of children descriptions of them.

Blajinii or the kind hearted ones

The Tradition of Throwing Easter Egg Shells in the Rivers for the Blajinii Creatures

A tradition in Romania and Moldavia is to throw Easter painted eggshells in rivers and streams. In the hope that these to arrive at Blajini’s villages, The White Ones can ascertain that Easter has arrived. However, the celebration called Paștele Blajinilor translates as The Easter of Blajini or The Easter of Death in English. Moldovan locals once said they are happy to find out when the Easter celebration arrives each year, as they live in isolation. Also, they don’t join the others for the public Christian holiday. For celebrating the souls of dead relatives or friends, Romanians prepare festive meals as offerings to the poor at the cemetery, nearby the tombs, at the end of the mass and benediction. To all who wished to commemorate and pay their respects to the dead Easter comes as an opportunity. They celebrate in memory of the deceased.Blajinii Apa Sambetei

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