We have great news for you when we say that any time is the best time to visit Transylvania. Thus if you wish to do something specific for every season, you will find here all the information you need.

Transylvanian Summer Surprize

On top of that, we have just found out that the wild flora of Transylvania is subject to an illustrated botanical book that HRH Prince Charles has commissioned. The published edition of Transylvania Florilegium is arriving in bookshops on July 3, 2018. Furthermore, the Romanian Cultural Institute in London is holding a floral painting exhibition between May 21st and June 12th this year. It consists of paintings by contemporary botanical artists. They selected specimens of wildflowers growing in the meadows near Viscri and Valea Zălanului, in Transylvania.

best time to visit Transylvania
Crambe tataria painted

Best Time To Visit Transylvania and Why Should Spring Be It?

Anytime is a great time to visit Transylvania Romania. This historical region occupies the central part of the country, surrounded by the Carpathian mountains. From a geographical point of view, Transylvania is a plateau up to 500 m high. As have seen above, the region is blessed with both wild meadows and pasture land.

Spring is the perfect season to observe the agricultural revival of gardens in the rural parts of Transylvania. So we happily recommend two villages with Saxon history and well-preserved architecture: Viscri and Valea Zălanului. In case you want to fly in, the closest airport city is in Sibiu. Renting a car should not be a problem in Bucharest. Read more about how to get to Transylvania before planning your trip.

Finally, you can immerse yourself in that peaceful village life and relaxing activities in Viscri 125. It all comes from people’s passion for restoring heritage architecture as we have found in Valea Zalanului.

best time to visit Transylvania Viscri
Viscri Transylvanian village North of Brașov

Spring and Active Holidays in Transylvania

Spring marks its end with an Eco Run in Moeciu de Sus, on May 4, 2019. And who would not want to visit Moeciu, a beautiful mountain village with an excellent view of the Carpathian mountains?  Likewise, we encourage anyone who has the training to participate in this competition solely for the beauty and serenity of its landscape. Kids have a short race of their own as well. So you can bring your family too. We hope you give it a chance and put it on your European races list.

If marathons are not your thing, a simple hike on the highest mountain peak in Romania, Moldoveanu peak will make you feel you accomplished something indeed. Romanians truly enjoy their mountains and the Southern Carpathians bordering Transylvania are the best to climb.

 Transylvania Eco Run
Eco Run for all ages

Summer’s Best Destinations in Transylvania

The Transylvanian forest is most traveled across by many tourists and wanderers in the Summer season. Of course, the most beaten pathways through the thick woods are those that connect Wallachia and Transylvania. Transalpina and Transfăgărășan are included in the most spectacular road trips in Romania. From Novaci in the South to Sebeș in the North, passing through the Parâng mountains in the Southern Carpathians, taking a summer road trip on Translpina must be bliss. Kids love summer vacations abroad. So bring them along to Romania. Here is our Transylvania with kids in summer recommendation.

Transylvania summer weather
Fundata village Brasov summer rain

No Transylvanian expedition finishes before visiting Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary. Bear watching Romania activities are a must for those of you who are more adventurous than others. The advantage is there are a lot of tours from June to August. Just check when to see bears in Romania. As for wolf watching Romania, it is best you try a colder season. This is when they do not avoid human-populated areas so much. There is an increasing trend in tourism with those interested in wildlife watching and especially in animals that live in Romania.

Best Time to Visit Transylvania and

There are many fun things to do in Romania in all seasons. But some might say that the best time to visit Transylvania is for Halloween. Others even have tried a night at Transylvania Dracula Castle in Bran after winning an Airbnb competition. Kiara also recommends this Dracula night experience.

However, we encourage you to visit off-beat and little-known places for Halloween. In other words, if you are bored of Transylvania Dracula experience and all the Transylvanian castles are overpopulated by tourists, then Cluj is the next on your list. A little bird whispered to Kiara about the Hoia Baciu forest. This is located near the city of Cluj-Napoca. The forest had become legendary in the 1950s. This happened when a local teacher experienced some paranormal facts, UFO related. Plenty of tours are organized nowadays in the woods by an NGO called Romania-Your Lifetime Experience. Some examples are day and night photo tours, games like escaping de haunted forest or haunt the haunted treasures, camping, and yoga, and even horse rides. The Hoia Baciu forest is a great choice to visit on Halloween in Transylvania. It’s a change in the usual storyline and it has many folk ghost tales.

best time to visit Transylvania Bran
The Bran Castel

Skiing Season in Transylvania

Why would winter be the best time to visit Transylvania? It is because winter is when skiers and snowboarders, both amateurs and professionals, get to show off their skills. Fortunately, Transylvania can be very satisfying in its ski resort offer. Even though the highest and the most extensive ski slopes are not technically located in Transylvania, there are a couple of other spectacular ski slopes suited for anyone’s taste. These are Bâlea Lake in Sibiu county, 14 km long and with a 2208 m max elevation. Also Parâng, in Hunedoara county 8 km long and with a 1720 m max elevation. By the way, you can book a stay at this marvelous Transylvanian ice hotel near Bâlea Lake. Because winter is the only season suited for such an experience.

best time to visit Transylvania poster
Poiana Brașov vintage poster 1909

The Adventures of Kiara Yew go beyond the best time to visit Transylvania. Luckily, Romania has a climate that allows you to travel in all seasons and discover quiet corners of the world. We bet you will love the Transylvanian summer weather with sunny rains and rainbows.

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