Many travelers want to visit Europe because of its beauty and variety of entertainment activities. There is so much fun you can have with your loved ones on the Old Continent. Similar to any other European capital cities, Bucharest has a wide array of places with leisure options for passing a fun time. You can find a range of state and independent theaters, old cinemas and many nightclubs. Also, some restaurant venues have live music, and an assortment of coffee shops has spun downtown. If you are a music lover and want to enjoy live music in Europe, you can find several clubs and fun places in Bucharest.


Top 3 Entertainment Places with Live Music in Bucharest:


Copper’s Pub – When travelers visit the Copper’s Pub in Bucharest, they can enjoy live music, often jazz performances with live cinema. You will discover here theater plays and stand-up comedy in the most attractive club atmosphere. It serves excellent food to every visitor. On the menu, you can find a couple of cracking burgers such as the pineapple one and the special pork burger, amazing ribs, different types of salads and homemade pasta. Copper’s is one of the best restaurants in Bucharest. Here at this pub, you can also find a vast garden or terrace that hosts various events during the summer season.

Hard Rock Cafe – The Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest is one of the most significant entertainment places in Europe. It is not just a regular pub, but it also adds value to the list of many unforgettable moments spent in Bucharest. This is a venue where all tastes are met, and people can find mouth-watering dishes here including a rack of ribs, good burgers and more. Anyone ordering can get a friendly service, and you can see the fantastic drinking menu here.


live music hard rock cafe

Live music at Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest


Dada – It is a unique place for fine entertainment, and here you can taste an excellent cuisine. Not to mention, the drinks on the menu are not to be found anywhere else across the globe. The guests of this club can enjoy enchanting live music along with an excellent dinner. You can choose from classic local recipes to innovative and delicious dishes. At the same time, you can listen to live piano, voice and guitar, and jazz sessions. The DaDa restaurant in Bucharest is one of the best places that offer a tremendous collection of seafood and fish delicacies. All these are accompanied by the best cocktail settings and regular musical events.


Other Popular Live Music Venues in Bucharest


Some other popular places for enjoying live music in Bucharest will be listed here for everyone.




For teenagers and youngsters searching for the different types of clubs or pubs to enjoy live music, Mojo is where you can have a mixture of musical scenes. Musicians at Mojo Pub in Bucharest’s Old Town have put together three ways of enjoying music arranged on three levels. Upstairs there’s one of the best karaoke bars in the city, while on the ground floor there is a pub with radio music and big TV screens. It’s nice to know they are showing any sporting event including BT Sports and English football via Sky. Downstairs you can see the deep cellar hosting live local bands. All the food and drinks on this pub’s menu have a reasonable price and the employees provide an outstanding service.


Control Club



live music in Bucharest Control Club


Control Club should be on top of your list of nightclubs to crush at from late afternoon to 4 am in the morning. Fitting quite a crowd of people who would all like to party or enjoy the hippest concert in town, Control Club is the perfect cosmopolitan place in Bucharest. One of the fun things to do in Bucharest is to grab a drink at Control and check out the local young professionals gathering in the audience of a Chinawoman, Noblesse Oblige or The Tiger Lillies concert.

It is a brilliant place as well as a central venue. This place also attracts a nice line up of international music acts. Some of them are quirky bands that you actually might want to see. The crowd coming here is equally diverse and refreshing as opposed to some other clubs in Bucharest. If the weather is scorching in the summer, Control has a fantastic and smart terrace set underneath a large creeper to provide shade in the fiercest summer heat.


Deschis Gastrobar


Last but not least, this bar in Bucharest opens only during summer, and all guests can find it on the roof of a former famous textile factory. Here, you can enjoy film projections during hot summer nights in the city. Likewise, live concerts of the coolest Romanian bands and DJs make it the best place for a chilled and laid back atmosphere. However, Deschis (Open) Gastrobar is not only a hip bar but also a family-friendly locale, providing extra help to entertain kids. Cultural events such as book launches and photography exhibitions are held occasionally on this elevated terrace. From the impeccable rooftop, you can enjoy a superb view of the city.


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