back to Transylvania castleYou are back to Transylvania Castle region of Romania. This is one of the things that answers the question of what is Transylvania famous for.

You are in a thick forest, the deepest you have ever seen before.

Then, you close your eyes. It’s night. It’s very dark; you hear the beasts in the forest. They are not sleeping judging by the sound they make.

However, you dare to walk throuTransylvania batgh the trees and bushes. Your heart is beating so fast, and so loud, it seems like all the beasts can hear you. You feel like your body is all made of a big heart.

And then you see it…

Dracula’s Magical Castle

Transylvania bat It’s all there, stone by stone, in front of you.

You are looking around and nobody’s there. Just you and the castle and the creatures of the forest.

What would it be if Count Dracula was here?back to Transylvania castle Dracula drawing

However, you open the gate and go inside. It’s a massive castle made of stone. All around you see candles, a big table, a stone fireplace, curtains made of red velvet. All these together make the atmosphere to be sweet and dangerous ♥

Suddenly, a secret door opens… you walk through it and then here you are climbing the stairs… one by one… attentive and open to any new thing that appears before your eyes. With each of your step, the space around you becomes smaller and smaller… the walls become closer to you …

And then you arrived, It’s a tinny secret door that opens in front of you, and there you are in the bedroom of Dracula!

The biggest bed lays in front of you. As you look around, fire is everywhere… candles, fireplace.

garlic against vampires

You become sleepy as the air is thick and you are tired. You lay on the bed, close your eyes.

Yes, you are in the middle of…

Back to Transylvania Castle and the Magic Chamber

And all of a sudden all start to vanish in a spiral movement…. all… castle, forest, candles, beasts and you with them!Transylvania bat

Wake up! It’s morning. Just go and enjoy another magical day!

But you can’t forget it!

Go and see the forest and the Transylvania Dracula Castle … Read more about how to get to Transylvania. And when you reach the place, search for the secret stairs … it’s all there…Don’t forget to take garlic with you. Because it can protect you from dark things. You can find many Romanian superstitions in this area. Transylvania Romania must not miss from your travel diary. Because this is a land full of werewolf legends, Romanian mythical monsters, and Transylvania vampires.


Moreover, if you wish to experience the real thing, we recommend a Dracula night experience, you will not forget it for sure.

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