About Us

Our Mission:


The mission is to tell you which are the most beautiful and interesting places to see while traveling to Romania.

We reveal secret stories, mysterious legends and well-preserved traditions from visited places. We insist only on the most interesting ones because we appreciate everyone’s time.

Because people’s tastes are different, we treat several topics:


Medieval citadels, impressive castles, the world’s smallest streets, famous roads in the world, amazing architectures, strategic fortresses, famous churches, mysterious places, unexplained natural phenomena, impressive art, incredible landscapes, best places to go and see, food and beverages which you should not miss, even souvenirs that best represent the place …



Who is Kiara Yew?


It all started with a story….


A long time ago, Mother Earth thought that it would be a great idea to create a magical cat, which would be offered as a gift to humanity for it to keep its inspiration and imagination alive. The cat was conceived entirely equipped for mistery: black, with large bright eyes, curious by nature and passionate about mysterious things. Plus, it was expected to gather and sample stories for humans for thousands of years from then on.


Mother Earth created the magical female cat out of a Yew tree burgeon,🌿 bringing it to life and calling it Kiara Yew. Magical powers had paved her presence in the world, although she must use them carefully and only when necessary.


Curious by nature, our cat has been observing for a while now a new character in the history of Earth: a tall gentleman, wearing a black hat, being a little indiscreet and taking pride in knowing it all. His name is the Internet, and it also possesses magical powers that make him visible to millions of people all over the planet, at once. Everyone seems to know him and search for him using a magic word:” GOOGLE”. Yes, you heard it well, the keyword is not „ABRACADABRA” anymore, like it used to be aforetime, but „GOOGLE”, a word with a daily charm.


Kiara decided to befriend this know-it-all gentleman and to start a new adventure and find histories of forsaken places, old legends, well-kept myths and mystical traditions and habits. The cat, thus, began discovering creatures and places never before seen, in a magical adventure that starts in a country full of wonders, called Romania.


Kiara writes stories for all curious people from all over the world, who wish to know the history and geography of places, buildings, and characters, but not only for them. She writes for those who have not lost their imagination and curiosity yet. Kiara is a fantastic cat who writes so that you go out and discover these lands by sight; so that the myths and legends kept as documents or in peoples’ memories for many years find their way back to you. Kiara writes so that you enjoy and forwardly share.