Martisor Romania 1 March Celebration

Martisor Romania’s Spring Celebration is on the first day of March. This is an old tradition that is still used all over Romania. Martisor which derives from the Romanian word for March (Martie) is a kind of trinket or amulet. The little Martisor includes a silky red-white thread (șnur) tied into a bow to which a small trinket is attached.

The red color refers to the essence of life and the white one refers to absolute wisdom. By mixing the two of them, it results from the symbolic exchange of two vital forces.


Martisor Romania

Martisor Romania’s Tradition


Men offer these symbolic presents to women from 1 March until 8th of March together with flowers and some wishes for having a happy springtime. It is said that those who wear these Martisor gifts all the month (March) they will have luck and a prosperous year.

In the countryside, people used to celebrate the Martisor by hanging a red and white string at the gate, window, cattle’s horn and shed to protect against evil spirits and to invoke nature’s regenerative power.

Mărțișor Romania’s celebration has ancient roots. According to archaeological research, the Mărțișor traces its history more than 8,000 years ago. Some ethnologists believe that the Mărțișor celebration has Roman origins, others support the theory that it is an old Dacian tradition.

In the old times, Mărțișor were made of small river pebbles, colored in white and red, stringed on a thread and worn around the neck. They were worn, to bring good luck and good weather, from March 1 until the first trees would bloom. When the first trees were flowering the Mărțișor were hanged on tree branches.


Martisor Wishes:


Martisor RomaniaHappy Martisor Day and an amazing spring!

A small Martisor and a snowdrop I give you so that you know that spring is here. It is time to smile!

A spring full of energy, excitement, and joy!

White thread is health, and the red one is prosperity. Together they will form for you a crown of success and joy.

Enjoy the sun and the beautiful days of Spring and welcome Martisor in your life!

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