Maramures Giants Legend

Maramures Giants illustrationThe Maramures Giants (Legenda uriașilor in Romanian) is a Romanian folklore legend. Here you will find a beautiful saga about the last family of giants that lived on earth.

The legends say that in the ancient history of our planet, different creatures lived and then they came to their extinction. It is said that one of the species were the giants. In the cultures of many countries, it is assumed that they lived on Earth just before the humans did. They were not as bright as the humans and that there was a great flood that destroyed the majority of them. They have built underground tunnels where they survived for an extended period.

Maramures legends say that one of the last known families of the Giants lived in the North of Transylvania, in the Valley of Iza.

Maramures Giants | The story of the last giants on Earth

Long ago, there was an old man with his daughter.

They wanted to live separated from other species on Earth, so they retired in the deepest forest so nobody could see them again. The Giants enjoyed life there. They were very good connoisseurs of plants and mushrooms. They used them as their food and their medicines as well.

One day, Rosalia, the giant daughter went down the Iza river to look after mushrooms. In that day, she wandered more than she usually did. And guess what? On a meadow, she met some little beings looking as she did but much smaller. She took them in her hands and dashed to her wise father to show him the strange things that she has just discovered.

Maramures Giants in the sunset“Father!  Look what little and sweet toys I’ve found in my rambling today!”

Her father smiled mysteriously and replied “Rosalia, these beings that you have found are not toys at all!” Suddenly he became serious.

“They are the ones that will live on this planet from now on!

You know that we are a few giant families still living. Our species will disappear together with us!” So, he walked away sadly.

Rosalia didn’t like at all what her father just told her!

She took the humans back to the meadow where she found them, and she started to follow them. She was very curious about their habits, occupations, and nourishment. How did their species survive and hers not?

Among these humans, there was a man that looked very brave and nice. He loved to ride horses, to watch birds and all the animals used to gather around him. Rosalia fell in love with him at first sight.

Maramures Giants and humans together

As the days were passing, an idea became more apparent. One day, Rosalia went to her father and told him about the new thought that mastered her.

“Father, you know the little toys that I’ ve found. There is one human that took my mind! I would like to marry him and have kids with him, and in this way, our species will continue to live as well. I need your help!”

Her father smiled. He was very happy with the courage of his daughter.

She continued “You must make me smaller and him bigger so that we can become a couple!”

Her father knew from his giant ancestors the secrets of plants and how to mix them so to become magic.

The next day, he went into the thick forest to look after secret plants that will help the metamorphosis. He came after a few days, and he started to boil and prepare his potions saying different magic words to them. Then he poured the mysterious drink on Rosalia and the tiny man.

The magic happened, and Rosalia became almost as small as a human and the man became a little taller just enough to match Rosalia.

They got married and had children. The other giants disappeared except Rosalia and her children.

Her father taught her the magic of plants, and she taught humans how to use them as well.

Humans lived on Earth from that time on.

Maramures Villages

Maramures villages are unique in the world and recognizable by their big wooden gates to every house and garden and of course by their wooden churches with long pointy towers.

Maramures Giants WinterThe village where the last Maramures giants lived was called Rozalia. After a while, the name changed to Rozavlea.

The story above is just one of the Maramures legends Kiara Yew has been collecting for curious travelers. The old people from this region still preserve stories about the giant people that lived here.

In this region, you can also find a Merry Cemetery. It is for sure an unusual place to visit!

Merry Cemetery Funny Epitaphs for Dead People

Merry Cemetery funny epitaphs crosses

Merry Cemetery | Another way to look at death


In the North of Romania, you can find some people who have built a cemetery known as “The Merry Cemetery.” In the Romanian language, this is called “Cimitirul Vesel.” The village is called “Sapanta.” These are the lands of “Maramures” county.

Indeed, there are crosses made of oak wood with little stories of the lives of people from this community. They all had different experiences. These are illustrated in their cemetery in a funny way.

There are stories of people who enjoyed life and their work, others who enjoyed drinking or loved nature, others who loved another wife,👯 or more unfortunate ones who had an accident or a disease.Merry Cemetery Funny Epitaphs

When you walk through the cemetery and looking at all these stories, makes you think that your account is just another story and it may be a funny one if you want it to be so🎭.

Merry Cemetery Funny Epitaphs

The crosses are blue, of course, a happy color, the tombstones illustrations are also joyfully colored.

This cemetery is among the top cemeteries in the world.

Merry Cemetery Funny Epitaphs | How it all started

This tradition was started in 1935 by the villager Stan Ioan Patras who created the first cross, and it has been preserved to our days.


Merry Cemetery Funny Epitaphs


We believe that the roots of this tradition are deeper, until the Dacian people who lived on these lands.

They were celebrating and were happy when someone died and they were sad when someone was born.  This is because they believed in life after death, death is just a gate into another world. Dacian people did not regard death as a tragic end, but rather as an opportunity to meet their god, Zamolxes 🐺

If we are looking from this perspective, then this is not a surprise that these people from Maramures are building a happy cemetery.

They only do what their ancestors did a long time ago.

There are many legends and traditions in this region. Another well-known title in this area is the Maramures Giants that lived here before the humans did and that there was a flood which destroyed them.


Merry Cemetery Funny Epitaphs

Watch out some funny stories:

Here I rest. Stefan is my name.

As long as I lived, I liked to drink.

When my wife left me, I drank because I was sad.

Then I drank more to make me happy.

So, it wasn’t so bad that my wife left me

Because I got to drink with my friends.

I drank a lot, and now, I’m still thirsty.

So you who come to my resting place, Leave a little wine here. “🍷

Merry Cemetery Funny Epitaphs





And another one:

Underneath this heavy cross
Lies my mother in law poor
Had she lived three days more
I’d be here, and she would read
You that are passing by
Try not to wake her up
For she comes back home
She’ll bite my head off
But I’ll act in the way
That she will not return
Stay here my dear
Mother-in-law. “



 Merry Cemetery Funny Epitaphs