Blajinii or the Kind Hearted Ones

       In the folklore of Romanians, there is an amazing story about “the Kind Hearted People”, or the so-called “Blajini” or “Rohmani” or “the White Ones”. These are semi-divine creatures 💎that live at the edge of our world, where all the waters of the Earth are gathering.♒ This story can be found as well in other east European countries.

What do you think about this magic beings? Are they real?


     Blajinii are described as small, happy and always enjoy welcoming us. No illness or suffering affects them. It is said that they can do miracles and they also take care of our dead people. That’s why our ancestors used to pray to them.

A tradition in Romania and Moldavia is to throw Easter -egg shells in rivers and streams so that these will arrive at Blajini’ villages and so they will know that Easter is here.

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